Public Pensions and Salaries

I am a retired NYS employee.  I have become increasingly dismayed at the tone regarding public employees.  No matter which level, federal, state or local, we are all being regarded as a piggy bank to solve the financial problems of this country.  On top of it the Press and Sun-Bulletin has taken it upon itself to publish ways to find out what each of these employees and/or retirees earn.

While it is true that public employees can have their compensation identified, it is unfair and an invasion of privacy.  What the news media is doing it to look for a few examples of bad cases where an individual has “worked” the system.  The numerous articles that have appeared over the months serve to indict a whole class of employees.  It is unfair and should end.
Every employee in the United States benefits to a certain amount from the public sector.  They are the beneficiaries of tax policies at all levels of government that make it more cost effective to run a business.  Does this mean we should publish a list of every employee and their salary, including those of the Press and Sun Bulletin? 

Just remember — public employees teach our children, plow our roads, take care of the developmentally disabled, manage our parks, and other items too numerous to list here.  Where would be without them?

Jean Hecht


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