‘I don’t pity the wounded; I become the wounded.’ ( Walt Whitman )

by Nurses Hoolihan and Ratchette

Ever wonder where people go for care when they don’t have health insurance? For many in Broome County the Dr. A. Fattal Community Free Clinic in the Broome County Health Department at 225 Front Street in Binghamton is their only hope. Two nights a week, the mostly volunteer staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and non-medical staff,  provide quality healthcare including; X-rays, blood work, follow up care and prescription drugs at no cost to their clients.

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A New Equation

by Dave Duncan

At every level of government an attack is being made on the standard of living of middle and low income Americans. Entitlement programs are being trimmed back, our school budgets have been cut, necessary services are being eliminated, public service workers are being fired and the infrastructure which includes our sewer and water plants is crumbling.

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The Broome County Study

By Harriet Russell

A study commissioned by Broome County, “Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts from Natural Gas Production in Broome County, New York”, fails to adequately address a number of factors that must be carefully considered in order to make informed decisions regarding gas drilling in Broome County.

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Corporate “Personhood”

By Gerald Wickham

“The Declaration of Independence” stated that “We the People” charge England with these scores of offenses (by companies of royal cartels) against the citizens of the 13 colonies.  Leading men of “We the People” wrote our Constitution guaranteeing us our rights.  We have within us, now, a group that with guile and influence has gained rights under the cloak of the Constitution and are challenging and succeeding in stealing our rights.  To find out about the power and influence of this entity in our lives please read on.

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Private Equity and Our Dysfunctional Healthcare System 

By The Recalcitrant Gourmet

In my last article I wrote about the privatization and monopolization of the local UHS dialysis facilities at both Binghamton General Hospital and Pennsylvania Ave. Liberty Dialysis purchased both facilities to acquire a monopoly of renal care serves in the Greater Binghamton area. Liberty is currently the third largest for-profit dialysis company in the Unites States. They were founded merely 9 years ago in 2002. How did Liberty grow so quickly? As one can imagine, one needs a good chunk of capital (money) to purchase a dialysis facility, never mind hundreds of facilities.

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Not Raising Hogs or Learning To Live Like the Rich Do

By  David Duncan

In the last issue of the People’s Press, reporter Beniam Awash did an expose detailing how almost $4 million dollars of public money was used to finance the renovation of the Kilmer Building in Binghamton.  The purpose of this extravagance was to create office space in the downtown area that is already overflowing with vacant office space.  Banks would not agree to make loans for this strange project unless there was a public guarantee to reimburse them. Through political assistance from Congressman Maurice Hinchey, the United States Department of Agriculture stepped in to guarantee payment for $3.4 million in loans. Why is the Department of Agriculture backing loans to create office space in downtown Binghamton?  Doesn’t  that  branch of government deal with farms, corn, soybeans, pigs, cattle, and other farm produce?

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We All Live in Fukishima, Japan!

Radiation like capitalism is global. It respects no borders  or people’s lives. Radiation from the Fukishima disaster on March 11th is circling the planet carried by the wind in the form of clouds and rain. ‘Safe’ levels of radiation have never been established; it is one of the many myths created by the nuclear industry.

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