More Tales of Resistance

By: The Recalcitrant Gourmet

As our society declines into an abyss of corporatism, unchecked concentrations of wealth & power, the marginalizing of; educators, public service employees and working folk is only the beginning of an age of neo-feudalism. I write this article to give you, the reader, some suggestions as how to be defiant and stick it to those who are sticking it to you.

¨ Dress in black to show solidarity with fellow workers in expressing your collective disdain for how you are undervalued, unappreciated and under paid. This is what some local teachers did at the end of the year because their superintendent gave herself a 3.5% raise and then asked them (all the teachers) to take a pay freeze. This occurred as the district laid-off a record number of teachers and support staff. Maybe have T-shirts printed up with the Thirteenth Amendment written on them and everyone at work wears them the same day to send a message to the boss and public: slavery and involuntary servitude were outlawed in 1865!


¨ Go slow! The turtle was a symbol for the anti-Nazi resistance movements during WWII; we are in the same struggle against unfettered capitalism and corporate greed today. Workers of the world-RELAX! Take some time off, maybe everyone get together and call in sick. The blue Flu! If you work in retail, do this on a day you know it will be busy: Black-Friday? Please stop thinking of how important you are and how the boss needs you, remember: THE THINGS WE GIVE UP FOR WORK ARE NEVER RETURNED!


These are just a few suggestion of how to resist and be defiant, but above all remember that you need to question EVERYTHING (including this paper) if we are to begin fighting the impending neo-feudalism that will make surfs out of the vast majority of us. If not for your sake or because it promotes justice,


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