Selected Shorts

Newt Gingrich Speaks

“The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.”

(From  Mother Jones magazine, October 1989)

Union Calls for Cuomo

My household received a robo-call from a union in late October telling us that it was important to vote for Cuomo for Governor. A few months later we were called by the same union and asked to send a message to Cuomo chastising him for his attack on public employees. Local Democrats and Working Family Party members went through the same scenario asking for support for Cuomo and then rallying against his policies.  Cuomo never changed his plan. Before the election he promised the NYS business community that he would cut public services and public workers. At least Cuomo was straight with us.

Families First: American Style

The USA is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t mandate paid time off for new moms. The others are Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Samoa, and Swaziland.

And the Rich are Fighting the Inheritance Tax—Why?

In 1957, Dallas-based oil tycoon H.L. Hunt (the “Oil King”) was named one of the eight richest men in the United States. At that time, Fortune estimated his wealth to be between $400 million and $700 million. (You might recall H.L.’s sons–Bunker and Herbert–who, in the 1970s, famously failed in their attempt to corner the silver market.)

Just before his death in 1974, Hunt’s net worth was an estimated $2 billion.

Fortunately, he had carefully distributed his assets into all sorts of legal structures–funds, trusts, life insurance…you name it.

After his death, the only asset that could be linked to H.L. Hunt was a pick-up truck worth $2,000.

Tales of Wage Slavery 2

I have worked for the Binghamton City School District for many decades. I feel I have been treated disrespectfully the last few years. Without a college education you are treated like a second class citizen. You are expected to do more with less. When a person is laid off the remaining employees are expected to take on the added responsibilities as well as their own. Children’s behaviors are progressively getting worse. They are both disrespectful and violent. Yet often they are not held accountable for their actions. Loyalty and hard work should not go unnoticed. I feel that the administration should treat all of their employees equally.

Sonny Tufts


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