We All Live in Fukishima, Japan!

Radiation like capitalism is global. It respects no borders  or people’s lives. Radiation from the Fukishima disaster on March 11th is circling the planet carried by the wind in the form of clouds and rain. ‘Safe’ levels of radiation have never been established; it is one of the many myths created by the nuclear industry.

To paraphrase a poem by Bertolt Brecht, “when the politicians speak of peace, prepare for war”. When politicians or officials say ‘there is no immediate harm to human health’ the statement does not properly convey the dangers of internal exposures and late onset radiation damage [cancers, leukemia etc.].

In fact, such a statement was made on March 28, 1979 on the shores of the Susquehanna River after the disaster at the 3 Mile Island nuclear power plant.  At that time, the then governor of Pennsylvania told those living in the vicinity of the plant to,  ‘just shut your windows and stay inside!’ The results have been, among other  things, genetically altered fish, stillbirths for humans and animals, and of course the steady rise of cancers and leukemia.

On April 26, 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster killed between 800,000 and 1million “shock workers”  in the Ukraine who were forced or volunteered  [depending on who’s telling the story] to try to smother the exposed nuclear  rods with dirt.  A similar statement to the one made in Pennsylvania was issued to the people of Chernobyl  after many days of silence.  The “Chernobyl Child” program was established

and our region became a haven for many hundreds of children in desperate need of medical  attention.  Chernobyl, located in what used to be called the ‘breadbasket’ of Europe, is now ‘off limits’ and there are still many bans on food produced there.


The Nuclear Legacy in Our Valley

We, in Broome County, are situated in a unique ‘transportation hub.’  Nuclear waste and material has regularly passed through our communities via highway and rail. This nuclear waste has either been stored or reprocessed for weapons. The crumbling of our infrastructures adds to the increased danger of spills. State and federal austerity budgets render “Hazmat” programs mere band aids. Even our NYSEG bills contain hidden costs that keep the nuclear industry ‘alive’.

The insurance cap for nuclear ‘accidents’ is about $11 billion, far lower than the true cost of cleaning up a major nuclear disaster. In other words, socialism [our labor] keeps capitalism [their wealth] afloat!

Where Does Obama Stand?

Pres. Obama’s recent comments about continuing  on this deadly (nuclear) energy path, show exactly who butters his  bread.  In fact, it is the Exelon Corporation, a leader in the nuclear industry’ and one of his

biggest backers.  Nuclear power is perhaps the most expensive and dangerous method of boiling water ever devised!

Don’t mourn/organize – Think globally.

Racist myths are circulating that Japanese people don’t need our help because they’re all rich. Don’t believe it! The US is still the richest country in the world.  At every stage, protecting profits is the #1 priority for Japanese, American and the worldwide capitalist ruling classes and their governments.  It is the heart of their disregard for workers lives. At the same time it is the worldwide people who offer mutual aid and solidarity. Research who receives your money. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti and New  Orleans can testify to the rip-offs and blackmail from countless multinational aid organizations. Two good places to start: Nuclear information and resource service@ http://www.nirs.org; Green Action email AMSmith@gol.com .





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