More Tales of Resistance

By The Recalcitrant Gourmet

As our society declines into an abyss of corporatism our food supply has also been co-opted by conglomerates and factory farms that place almost all their meaning for existence on profits over people.

One prime example of this is Monsanto’s production of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO seeds. While there is ongoing scientific debate as to the environmental safety and healthfulness of these crops, one fact remains: that many GMO’s are designed to tolerate excessive levels of another Monsanto product: Round-Up herbicide! Yes most GMO’s are simply a way for “farmers” to use more poison around the food we eat.

What can be done? Buy local, know your grower and ask him/her what they use (if anything) for pest and weed control. Grow your own if you can. Work for more community gardens in your area and help out with the planting, weeding, tending and harvesting of these community gardens.

But the aforementioned solutions are not always feasible, so you can also buy “organic.” Typically fewer chemicals are used on organic crops. But this is expensive and many of us simply can’t afford to buy organic. But why should we have a two-tired food system in America? One supply for the moneyed-class and another poisoned food supply for the other 99%? We shouldn’t!

Above all remember that you need to question EVERYTHING (including this paper) if we are to begin fighting the impending neo-feudalism that will make disease-ridden and poisoned serfs out of 99% of us.


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