by J.R. O’Boyle

         Okay, most of us don’t really give much thought to cleaning. A big part of that is due to lack of interest…HELLO, ARE WE PAYING ATTENTION?! We have no enthusiasm when facing the task of cleaning the toilet as opposed to, oh, I don’t know like going out and having fun, getting hit by a car, or almost anything.

          So, for that majority, we can make it a simple, safe and somewhat tolerable job. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put our game face on and get down and dirty!! Better yet, if you are not an OCD neat nick or pro cleaner, then you can educate yourself [that’s right, some schoolin’!] on the best and safest “GREEN” cleaning products that are out there and then hire someone else to do the “DIRTY DEED” with those wonderful products…homemade or store bought. Either way, do-it- yourself or hire it out…’s the DIRT on “GREEN” cleaning.

         WHITE VINEGAR– [need I say more] Use this straight or mixed with water for a great window, glass and all purpose cleaner. It’s inexpensive, safe and works great. It’s a good deodorizer too and can be used in your laundry as well.

          BAKING SODA– [a really cool and natural “scrubbing bubbles” when mixed with white vinegar–have fun!] This cheap “WONDER” product is so versatile and most people already have a box or two in the kitchen cupboards or fridge. Baking soda is a great, safe and gentle “scrub” cleanser and deodorizer. Alone or mixed – used with other green products, it’s simply a must have. Just sprinkle it on your sponge/scrubber or in the sink, tub, or toilet and do your thing. Remember, this is not rocket science or brain surgery! All you want is to just get things clean and looking nice. It doesn’t have to be perfection, this isn’t a contest. Unless that is what you want, then go for it…be my guest!                      




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