On Wed. night around 11pm firemen came to evacuate my 85 year old mother and me. I thought the alarm installed by ANITEC on our corner should have gone off-it didn’t! We were told we were going to the RED OAK but when we got there it was closed. The firemen were pretty upset.  We finally ended up at McDonalds on upper Front St.  – 1st ward neighbor

 No one came to get us – we heard people being evacuated on the next block and hightailed it out of there through our backyard -1st ward neighbor [across the street] 

 A lot of the water came rushing down from all the development on top of the hills-those rich people shouldn’t have been allowed to build up there. – variations heard on Broad Ave [JC], Vestal Ave , Park Ave, Vestal Ave.,  Binghamton.  

 We lost our house in 2006 – there were supposed to be things done to make sure that when it floods we’d get better protection instead it was worse   Conklin Neighbor|

 We can’t afford a computer – we use the ones at the library.  All we ever heard on the radio stations was ‘go to our web-site for more information’- what good did that do for everyone with just a radio? Conklin Ave neighbor

 I’m not a rich person all I’ve got is my house – no stocks, bonds, nothing.  When they told us we had to evacuate, I didn’t hear anything about a curfew.  It was a cluster f**k.  I stayed and so did a lot of my neighbors.  Thursday night they caught some guys ripping off an old lady’s frig on her back porch-never heard anything about in the Press -they don’t report any real news anymore.  – 1st ward neighbor

 We got down here on Saturday at 8 am and met at the sheriff’s office [Upper Front St.]  We were then directed downtown to city hall.  We waited ’till nearly noon while they cut up parcel maps in the planning office so we’d know which neighborhoods to cover.  I heard the Mayor bad mouthed us later on but, hey we had to get back home and they weren’t even ready for us.  – One of the many out of town housing inspectors that came to do ‘drive by’ inspections.  

 Where are our representatives? Flying overhead?  I want to see them. South Washington Street business owner 

When we asked them about water they said if you go to NYSEG HQ in Vestal-we looked at them in their fancy trucks with two way  radios and then looked at our cars that had  been nearly underwater or bashed about in the waves of the national guard hummers  and they just said, “OH”  -1st ward neighbor. 

One week after the flood I was finally able to roundup enough help to clean my basement out.  We placed everything in the front to photograph for FEMA/insurance the next day.  That night it was all looted.   We’d been told by authorities that our neighborhood was ‘closed’-what happened?  Single mother of special needs child and Twin Orchards (Vestal) neighbor 

 I heard a DEC official on the radio was asked, ‘did the flooding affect the fracking sites in PA?’  His answer was, ‘not that I heard of’   All I could think about was all those movies and novels where they say ‘we need plausible deniability so don’t let me know what you’re doing’ -Fracking Activist 

 FEMA’S not in the housing business anymore  –  FEMA official at Broome Developmental Center on 10/6/11 asked when the ‘trailers’ were coming 

 ‘100 year floods is a generality-we haven’t been collecting data long enough to give any exact time line and it is misleading to the public to speak in these terms…’Meteorologist on the weather channel speaking of this flood

 A lot of people came by and said, ‘it’s so nice BAE is helping all of you out with flood relief’.  We just looked at them and say ‘BAE doesn’t help anybody but BAE period.   What’s behind the gates stays behind the gates!  -Evelyn St [Johnson City] neighbors.

 I was injured in a flooded basement and taken to the hospital.  I laid there for close to 6 hours mostly untouched and covered in mud and sewage.  I was released without anyone assessing me beyond an x-rayed tailbone.  The next day I found out that they had missed deep cuts on my back that should have been stitched and a concussion. They say we have the best health care in the world -not if you’re dirty and ‘look’ poor.  – Single mother and flood volunteer

 My aunt has lived in Woodburn Court since it opened.   After they were evacuated for the flood, I don’t know where she is now…

 I’m old enough to remember when the Army Corp of Engineers ‘moved ‘ the Chenango river up near Otsiningo Park [Upper Front Street]   If I’m not mistaken they also built the dam at Whitney Point…..they probably could have done a lot of improvements all up and down the Susquehanna and Chenango watershed but instead they are all over the world keeping up the ’empire’ it’s just like Rome. – Conversation at Blues on the Bridge..




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