Ravenna Narizzano-Bronson

Our government of the United States of America is no longer a democracy.  It is now a plutocracy. Our rights have been compromised. The gap between wealth and poverty is at a record high.  We the people have the power and responsibility to demand corrections and to make our world better.

A plutocracy is a government run by a controlling class of the wealthy.  America appears to be run by the wealthy 1%.  Our systems of law have been altered to benefit the wealthy class and to enable greed powered inequity.

For example a landmark decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 gave the wealthy 1% freedom to spend any amount of money they want to on US elections.  According to the Supreme Court’s decision, money is “speech!” With this decision the wealthy 1% succeeded in making the act of spending money to influence elections like giving a speech, holding a sign or writing to a newspaper.  Now the 1% have more “freedom of speech” than those who have less money.  Should we the people demand the reversal of this Supreme Court decision?

Our country has a record high divide between the rich and poor.   The recession has affected all races and ethnicities.  However statistics show that people of color continue to be hardest hit.  Should we the people demand the rich be taxed and end plutocracy and economic apartheid?

No one has been held accountable and no one has been prosecuted for the actions that have caused so much economic trouble in the United States of America that negatively impacts the rest of the world.  The corrupt systems set up by the criminals are still in operation.  Correction has not yet been made.   Should we the people demand that regulations be reinstated on the financial industry?

We are the people – you and me and all of us.  I beg us all to recognize that together we are the vast majority of the population – the 99% and we have great power together.  United we have the power to demand our democracy back.  United we have the power to demand accountability for the unconstitutional and unlawful behavior of individuals and corporations whose actions have caused a great deal of chronic distress.  I ask that we all look closely at what has been done and work seriously toward corrective measures.  We are the people and our government is supposed to be for us and by us.

I am thankful to all the people of the world who are standing up in protest of the systematic oppression of its people for the benefit of the greedy few.  I am thankful to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Binghamton for bringing awareness to our community of the many challenges our country and world is facing.  It has been a pleasure to visit the occupation and to meet individual people and to listen to their concerns and ideas for solutions.  For me finding solutions is what it is all about!  Thank you to all the protestors and all those supporting the protests!

We are the people – we may not know every detail of the tangled web that has been woven (much in secret) but we are all caught up in it.  I believe that we know what is good and what is not good and we can join together to identify what needs to be corrected and changed and we can make a better tomorrow for us all.

So I challenge myself and each and every one of you to occupy your minds:  take a good long look and seek solutions at home, on your street, in your community, in our nation and in our world.  Speak to one another and do your part.  Please remember we have good on our side and that the people united will never be defeated!                             




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