Clean Green

By Julie O’Boyle

If you would rather skip playing mad scientist/chemist, there are plenty of great natural “green” cleaning products already out on the market. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Seventh Generation, and Full Circle are just a few and they are all good…I use Mrs. Meyers products and love them, they come in a variety of delectable scents as well.

Also, try to avoid using disposable products that just add to the landfills. When cleaning use old t-shirts, sheets, and rags instead of paper towels. Then all you have to do is wash the rags and they are ready for many uses.

So folks that’s really all you need and you will get that dirty job done in a simple, safe and pleasant fashion. Everything will look, smell, and BEE clean!! Speaking of Bees [even if we weren’t], just want to bring to your attention that our BEES are in serious trouble. we all need to do our part and help save the Bees and in turn ourselves and life on Earth as we know it and BEE kind and gentle w/ the environment and the products we use, and that applies to everything ,not just cleaning products…but it’s a good place to start.  Everything we do, no matter how small, if it’s good and right and safe for people, animals and the planet…..then it can’t be wrong or bad. So, good luck and go for it!!   Oh yeah, and get this place cleaned up before Mom gets home!!




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