Aurora Massacre

by George Damasevitz

As America mourns the victims of yet another domestic massacre, the media crackles with indignation and sympathy. Many continue to ask when the slaughter of innocents will end and what can be done to stop it. A rational approach might involve trying to find the root cause of this and other murderous sprees and find out if there are any common causes to these crimes. Is it sufficient to conclude that they are crimes of madmen and accept that as a risk of living in a free society?

From Ted Kaczynski, Tim McVeigh, Jiverly Wong and now allegedly James Holmes, we have to ask what made them mad? Is it possible that some element of our society drove them to a state of madness? Could it be that they are responding to pent up frustration in a sinister and unpredictable way?  If so, are there unseen queues of future madmen lining up to vent their frustrations? Is anyone else who hears the beat of a different drummer and finds the American dream a chimera a potential miscreant?

Knock on nearly any door in America and you will find those whose dreams have been dashed by a society run by money worshippers whose rapacious tentacles have reached into every pocket.  We are urged to consume, borrow and comply with this culture, not in any beneficial sense, but to send our hard earned money to corporations and the government that is run by them. Our society glorifies killing enemies, both real and imaginary and in our inexorable descent to a fascist state has identified those among us who should be eliminated. Results of this ethos have been foreclosures, bailouts, wars, assassinations, physical and mental illness. This sense of frustration then acts as a catalyst to send ever more people into the ranks of potential madmen.

It’s been said that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. What is needed now is a collective rejection of capitalist values to remove the stress from our citizens and restore the right of all citizens, in every nation, to live a life free from oppression.






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