More Tales of Resistance: Screwing with Big Brother

by The Recalcitrant Gourmet


Now we all know that OUR Government aka “Big Brother” is constantly spying on our; phones, cell phones, e-mails, note-books, tablets and any other electronic communicating device that corporations say we MUST have.  


What’s “Brother” looking for? He tells us: “[He has to do this] to keep us all safe from terrorism!” Well to quote a favorite band…”You can always tell the [REAL] terrorist by his cologne and the watch on his wrist.”  Hence, Big Brother is the REAL terrorist and we are ALL suspects in His war. The war that “Brother” supposedly waged to keep us safe has, in reality, made OUR liberty the biggest casualty and probably not kept us any safer.


The way “Brother” spies on us (and yes for brevity’s sake this is an intentional over-simplification) is that He has computers…big-ass supercomputers…that pick words  &  phrases out of OUR conversations, such as: explosive, contagious, the bomb, detonate, that place is gonna be infectious, etc. We all get the point! But, His computers have a hard time with context. There’s a big difference between saying: “She’s the bomb.” And, “I just placed the bomb in her office.” It’s within the context of a sentence that the true meaning of the words (syntax) can be gleaned.

So how then do we screw with “Big Brother?” We incorporate these and other words and phrases likely to trigger “Brother’s” computers to

send out sirens and flashing lights into as many of our electronic communications as humanly possible: All-the-while keeping the context benign. And, we do this in-mass.


I am NOT advocating violence or sending threats of violence any where or to anyone. I am advocating resistance, recalcitrance and obstinate behavior on the part of the United State’s citizenry.


Be creative with your words and the context you use them in, use some ‘poetic license,’  set up your auto signatures with phrases likely to trigger and flag the whole conversation. Make “Big Brother” and His minions work at spying on us. The idea is to over-load the system with BS: Just as He over loads us with His BS-propaganda, lies and intrusions of privacy. But have fun with it! Teach your children how to do it, your neighbors, your Facebook friends…hell, even your congregation if you’re religious.


Then when “Brother” wants more money for His Stasi-like spy network of computers, satellites and minions, tell your elected official who theoretically  have control over His Versace purse-strings: “No! No! No!”  Tell your elected representatives through any and all means of communication and non-violent protest conceivable that OUR money is for: healthcare, education at all levels, better wages and a cleaner and safer environment. Tell them OUR money is for US and our communities, not for Him or the military-industrial corporations that spy on us.



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