Quiet News

by Casey Glenn

A presidential candidate was arrested in the city of brotherly love in early August. No, it wasn’t a DWI or scandalous tryst hushed up by campaign staffers! Have you heard of Dr. Jill Stein? Dr. Stein, the 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate, was arrested for sitting-in at a Philadelphia bank outside the Fannie Mae office which was poised to evict two women, both victims of predatory lending. Stein’s protest sign bore the slogan, “The banks and Fannie Mae are getting away with theft.”

If this quiet news didn’t reach you, not surprising. Third party candidates are generally ignored by the media. But is a story about a woman who took out a 2nd mortgage to care for her ailing mother, only to be evicted by a bank from her home of 35 years, considered outrageous or even newsworthy? If a homeless woman cries in the forest, and only a third party candidate, a nun and a community activist are there to hear her, does she make a sound? Only if that forest happens to be a bank lobby. Listen up, for it’s a quiet sound.



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