Voters Yearn for Leadership in Nov. 6th Presidential Election

By Tony Combopiano

             Voters viewing the televised Presidential debates are yearning for Ralph Nader as a choice on November 6th, Election Day – since we have viewed our current choices which are a Legislative Obama and a conservative Romney as presidential candidates.

We need leadership – not namby-pamby lobbyists governed by corporate donors and lobbyists to represent all Americans – not a select few.

With our economy in the doldrums and our inert unemployment, we need a president to utilize selective executive mandates to move us forward to a greater America in the 21st Century.

Registered and Independent for 6 decades, I can honestly relive history with the GOP paving the way into the 20th Century Depression in the 30’s and Roosevelt helping to guide us into economic stability; the GOP’s Bush starting our 21st Century slide into recession with his automatic tax cut benefits for the wealthy  even  more and his costly Medicare program with no revenue increases.

America’s developed success with the states’ canal systems paving the way for our agricultural era, then, far-reaching railroad connections for our industrial age, a national airline development and highway system programs during our advancing communicative decades to achieve greatness are known. 

We now need a presidential leader to move us into our next stage of economic development for bio-technic and robotic advancement,, like speed rail service through the 21st Century, a system for moving people, goods and services to achieve our continued greatness throughout the coming years.



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