West Endicott Residents Fight to Save Their Neighborhood

Residents of West Endicott are struggling to save their neighborhood. The threat to their community comes from an attempt by National Pipe & Plastic to move their manufacturing operation from Vestal. Some of the worrisome problems are caused by the chemicals used by NP&P, the 24 hours a day of operation with the accompanying noise and the fact that there will be a heavy truck through the neighborhood ever hour of the day and night.

 At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century it was common to have factories in neighborhoods. People did not have cars or access to public transportation. That day is gone. Broome County taxpayers have spent many millions to create industrial parks where manufacturing operations could be centered. Putting this operation in the center of a residential area, next to a children’s park makes little sense to the people living there. 

These people need the support of others who live in the Endicott area as well as the support of the people that are elected and paid to protect them.

Contact Gary or Violet Russell at KVGrussell@yahoo.com




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