Privatize Willow Point? (We Already Tried That)

Dave Duncan

Q.  What value do poor, sick, and old people have?

A. They can be money makers for private   companies.

There is much political talk today about plans for the County to sell the Willow Point Nursing Home to private developers. A man, with a history of privatizing nursing homes has been appointed by the County as the administrator of Willow Point. Read the rest of this entry »



Call  your legislator and  the County Executive and tell her or him you want to preserve the public status of  Willow Point.

 Below is a  list of phone numbers and e-mail  addresses for   Legislators and  the County Executive.

Make your voice heard!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Privatize Willow Point!

Cutting Worker’s Pay and Benefits to Increase Profits

The sure way of making money today on the privatization of the Willow Point Nursing Home is to cut the pay and benefits of those people employed to care for the sick and elderly. This is not what people want for their family members.

If Broome County sells the nursing home to a developer and signs a contract for services, once again the developers would risk nothing and gain all. Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting Our Neighborhood from Our Mis-Leaders

In West Endicott, hundreds of residents are fighting to get the Town Board to stop bowing to the commercial interests and represent the interests of the West Endicott taxpayers. These hundreds of people are trying to protect their neighborhood from the harmful chemicals, 24/7 noise and tractor trailer trips through their neighborhood that will happen when National Pipe and Plastic moves its operation from Vestal to West Endicott. These people have discovered that their political misleaders represent big money and not little people. Below a number of the residents sum up their experiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Is EIT Going to Shut Down?

Recent layoffs of approximately 200 workers plus some managers have led to increased speculation that EIT is going out of business.

EIT is a privately held company heavily subsidized by public money. It was purchased for $65 million from IBM in 2002 and the purchasers committed to putting another $35 million into the business. The State paid 84% of the purchase price and there is some question as to whether the owners put in any of the $35 million in improvements or any money at all. Banks that extended credit for the purchase would only do so if IBM continued to lease some space and that the IBM’s lease be assigned to the banks.  From 2002-2005 EIT received an additional $23 million in property tax credits from the Empire State Development Corporation for the maintenance of the 1900 jobs that were transferred from IBM. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Owns EIT/Huron?

(We inadvertently left out the names of several owners, so we  re-printed the entire list) Read the rest of this entry »


By  A. E. Neuman

Will somebody please arrest and prosecute the local corporations that have cheated the rest of us out of tax revenues?   Their cheating and immoral behavior has placed a bigger tax burden on all the rest of us.  They are accused of collecting a combined total of $101.4 million in inappropriate tax breaks over a period of 10 years.  The result of their indiscretions has left the county and many of the municipalities in dire financial shape.  Read the rest of this entry »