*RFID Hell: Treating Children as Chattel – UPDATE!

By C. Arthur Reavis

* (Radio Frequency Identification)

This article is an update of my last article “RFID Hell: Treating Children as Chattel” On Tuesday Jan. 8th, 2013: “U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia said the San Antonio Northside School District had the right to expel sophomore Andrea Hernandez, 15, from a magnet school at Jay High School, because she refused to wear the device, which is required of all students.”- Reuters

Currently, classically Liberal groups, such as the ACLU, Conservative groups and religious groups are all planning on fighting the decision.  The most perplexing argument, at least to me, an outspoken Atheist, is the religious argument. Incidentally, it is the religious argument that the student, Andrea Hernandez, is proposing: Namely, RFID chips are the mark of the “Beast.” The Rutherford Institute is providing the legal juice for the Hernandez family. While I am certainly against the tracking of all people, especially children so that corporations can make a buck while facilitating a “Big Brother” overreach from our government, I cannot condone the use of a faith based argument.  It is true that we are all free to believe whatever the hell we wish to believe. The courts however, rely on evidence and fact. Well, at least they are supposed to…whether they always do or not is debatable.

The problem with ALL faith based arguments is that at their core, they are based on an improvable postulation. In this case there exists a “Beast” upon which he or she can place his or her “mark” upon humanity. Faith based arguments at best cannot be proven or dis-proven and at worst have absolutely no chance in hell (nice irony of words huh?) of ever having any basis in reality. None-the-less the Rutherford Institute is employing a 1st & 14th Amendment challenge in the courts to the school’s use of RFID tracking systems, which, admittedly, may prove to be sound legal tactics as far as the Supreme Court is concerned.

However, I would like to suggest that employing a more empirically grounded argument would better serve the court system and everyone involved: namely, such measures (RFID chips and the like) are simply not cost effective measures to increase attendance. Moreover, that the use of “Big Brother” tactics in schools, especially high schools, are a determent to the education of adolescents. But then we have to be realistic and see that this is not being done to facilitate learning but rather to increase revenues. In Texas a school is reimbursed based on attendance and students are considered present for the day if they are in class at the first bell: not simply the school.  Therefore, instead of changing the parameters for keeping track of a student’s attendance legislatively, the school has chosen to spend tax dollars on new high tech tracking systems that have the added bonus of diminishing personal privacy.  Additionally, as a consequence of diminished personal privacy, young adults are be acclimated to an environment of constant and never-ending surveillance. What a boon for the United Corporate States of America: a populous well trained in the acts of compliance, obedience and subservience. Such measures are creating a cohort of passive sheep-like citizens. What more could a population headed for a dystopic future, ask for? Life with no liberty, very little to pursue and certainly no happiness!

Then again maybe the religious argument applies here? Only the “Beast” is not some mythological creation invented to control us in some sort of imaginary after-world. But rather the “Beast” is the prison-industrial-complex that is in fact VERY REAL and very rapidity becoming society as we know it.








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