What am I Missing?

E-mailed to President Obama, Marco Rubio, Nelson, Sutherland and that Boehner guy (Ohio?)

What am I missing? The national debt is owned by all of us, but why is it the main responsibility of the middle class, who like myself, are barely making it?

The 60 Minutes interview with HMA (Health Management Associates) last Sunday (Dec. 2, 2012) helped me describe my confusion. You have company accused of fraudulent billing practices, especially Medicare/Medicaid. They increase their revenues. The Federal Government (and States) experience an increase in expenses (aka – the National debt goes up). The HMA executives increase their stockholders $$s and their CEO – over $250K earnings.  The debt increase, we raise taxes even more on the middle class, retain breaks for those earning over $250K, the debt barely goes down, the over 250K increase their personal funds to deposit in Swiss accounts, invest in Bernie Madoff schemes, invest in jobs in other countries, pay for lobbyists to argue against equivalent tax %s and to keep open loopholes.

We are turning ourselves into a third world country, that’s what I see. The gap between those of us who ARE paying our taxes, ARE paying our mortgage, and ARE paying our health insurance (and it is high, the profits or pharmacies and insurance companies is equally frightening).

I am a 4 yr. college graduate, married to a 4 yr. college graduate (who is now disabled due to brain cancer, “bad luck” is the reason why he got it), mother of three, dual employed (to be sure we have no lapse in insurance coverage), living barely above the poverty level. What am I missing? Why is it unfair to tax us all the same percent? We are not over-billing the states and federal government to increase out net profit. We have no net profit.

Concerned Wife, Mother, Wage Earner



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