Dishing Out WelfareIn Broome County

                        Dishing Out Welfare

In Broome County we have an organization, the Industrial
Development Agency (IDA), a County Executive, Debbie Preston, and a Town of Union Board that insists on providing welfare for the National Pipe &Plastic Co. NP&P bought an old factory in West Endicott in 2002. The
factory was deeded over to the IDA. The IDA leased it to the Shop Vac Co. while providing NP&P with a ten year 50% reduction in property taxes. In 2012 NP&P once again took title to the property and, with the help of the IDA and the Town of Union Board, is now planning to move to the site and get another ten year tax reduction. Shop Vac is gone.  

NP&P is a privately held company that is probably the largest manufacturer of PVC pipe in North America. The chemicals used in the
process are hazardous and the 24/7 truck traffic is killing the working class neighborhood. The neighbors have fought against having this toxic, noisy mess next to their homes. They have been treated shabbily.

The County Executive Preston sits on the IDA Board. She is
also a strong proponent of making certain that people who get welfare are truly needy. But how does she know that NP&P truly needs another ten year tax break? Did Preston, the Town of Union Board or the IDA insist that NP&P opens its books and prove that it is needy? Did these dispensers of corporate welfare ask for the pay levels of the management or owners of NP&P?

NP&P is moving from Vestal to Endicott and expanding its operation. Yet it will pay less in property taxes, even without the IDA tax break; Vestal loses; no new jobs will be created; the IDA will gets its fees paid and the County Executive can continue to focus on tightening welfare for the poor while dishing it out large corporations.




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