Did You Get a Ride on the Private Jet?

    While EI and IBM are declining in their space use, the Huron Campus in now filled. This situation occurred when NYS paid $40 million to BAE to move from a flooded facility in Westover to the Huron Campus. The British owned BAE is the largest defense contractor in the world.

 Not everything went well for the owners of EI/Huron. The company

that leased the owners a private jet took back their plane when EI’s owners didn’t pay the bill. There were only a few trips to Europe and the Caribbean. How many of the paying public got a ride?

 Because Huron sued to have their property taxes cut, NYS taxpayers have had to step in again with short term money to support the local government and school district. The Huron deal has already cost the average home owner in Endicott an additional $405 per year.

The public lost out on the property taxes, workers lost out when jobs were cut by 75% and the owners lost out on their private jet. Everyone suffers. 




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