How Would YOU Change the Workers’ Comp System? Give ‘Em an Earful! HELP US HELP YOU!

Here are a few of the problems that many of our patients struggle with regarding the Workers’ Comp system. Help change the system that is supposed to help workers with work-related illness or injury.SOUND OFF ABOUT:

Limited access to doctors who’ll take comp, hard to find workers’ comp lawyers within reasonable distance.

Workplaces that injure workers again and again, with no penalties

Problems with understanding the Worker’s Comp process

Long waits for medical care when employers say your illness or injury is not work related

Insurance carriers who routinely dispute medical care, just to stall the process, or for no good reason at all. Carriers who do this are not punished for obstructing workers’ medical care

Slowness of the system: Workers comp forms, getting permissions for tests and treatment take too long, while symptoms worsen

Unreasonable Requirements: If you have a comp case, you’re required to see  a comp doctor every 90 days whether it’s medically necessary or not; it’s often hard to get an appointment, but benefits are jeopardized or withdrawn through no fault of you own.

Lack of transparency: Some companies and doctors “steer” patients to doctors with a financial interest in serving employer or insurance company interests (without revealing this to injured workers)

Options not fully explained: Workers frequently not advised that they can usually pick the doctor they want to see, the company’s choice of doctor

Return to work protections are weak: When return to work is possible, it should be SAFE and not to conditions that created the illness or injury in the first place

Adverse health effects from the system itself: The Workers’ Comp system itself causes or adds to patients’’ depression and anxiety, yet limits patient access (except under extreme circumstances) to mental health support

And more and more and more…The strongest comments will be those that focus on the specifics of what’s wrong with the system, based on your experience. You may speak anonymously. No need to give your case number.

Questions? Call Rick at: Phone: 607.584.9990 or E-mail:  Rick is the outreach and education coordinator for the Southern Tier Occupational Clinical Center.


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