Selected Shorts

That is the Demand

by Eugene V. Debs

The earth is for all the people. That is the demand.
The machinery of production and distribution for all the people. That is the demand.
The collective ownership and control of industry and its democratic management in the interest of all the people. That is the demand.
The elimination of rent, interest, profit and the production of wealth to satisfy the wants of all the people. That is the demand.
Cooperative industry in which all shall work together in harmony as the basis of a new social order, a higher civilization, a real republic. That is the demand.
The end of class struggles and class rule, of master and slave, or ignorance and vice, of poverty and shame, of cruelty and crime — the birth of freedom, the dawn of Brotherhood, the beginning of MAN. That is the demand.
1903, Speaking before the Western Federation of Miners            Founder of the American Railway Union

The Crooked Sheriff

by Paladin-The straight shooter

County Executive “Debbie” Preston announced she is going after fraudsters who have been cheating the county taxpayers ..Specifically, she pointed to fraud by welfare recipients and workers filing disability claims. Preston vowed to arrest, prosecute and jail poor folks who collect extra food stamps or workers who have not sufficient broken vertebrae.

But while Preston rages about nickel and dime theft among the poor, she is strangely silent about million dollar fraud and contract violations by the business /developers. They get tens of millions in county, state and federal handouts—grants, twenty year tax exemptions, interest free loans, etc. to build enterprises and provide a substantial number of living wage jobs. Few if any comply. Mostly they hire fewer workers, for short term periods, with few benefits.

In other words they take the dough and run. Not “bad apples” that is the norm, ex IBM promises 2000 jobs  and end up with 500 and diminishing, after pocketing $70 million.

Where is “sheriff” Preston? Taking taxpayer money under false pretenses-nay fraud- is a punishable offense –or it should be – but when it comes to big business fraudsters Preston is silent. She chooses to badger ill or malnourished poor people, not the overstuffed business elite who throw a bone to her electoral campaign…  It’s time to call the crooked sheriff to account.


Boehners Boner…..Edward Zyskowski

What gets me is this Boehner event. You know, John Boehner, present Speaker of the House of Representatives in these United States.

You heard about it.

The event where he stopped in Binghamton had dinner, spent the night and could not even acknowledge Broome County.

Why should we feel slighted ???

Let’s look at some history…. The Valley of Opportunity – Ronald Reagan.

Bush marched in the St. Pattys Day parade…. Kennedy, Rockefeller…. even a few Governors.

We’ve had numerous major political figures stop by here. Some may say that was during good times. Well, that is why this slight becomes important.

Here is an elected representative of the people (supposedly) and he passes us by. The explanation was, he came from a fund raiser with Trump and was now on his way to another fund raiser.

What these fund raisers entail is someone pays big bucks in order to rub elbows with an elected official who is supposed to represent the people.

WRONG !!! What these fund raisers are equal to is the buying of a vote !!!

A special interest because of their money is basically lobbying and paying an elected official in the hope of getting a favorable piece of representative government. This is a slap in the face to all Americans!

This becomes important during these hard economic times.

How many people in Broome County could afford a $2,500.00 a plate dinner in order to listen to rhetoric and maybe plead your concerns? Heck, many of us are hard pressed to spend a dollar on a cup of coffee let alone even consider how the big boys spend our money. Sorry, John but the lower class is having a heck of a time supporting the ruling elites in Washington and elsewhere along with all of their buddies.

This display of  haughty government is what each and every one of us needs to remember. Our elected representatives were good enough to stop by in the good times but in the bad times, you have to buy their time. It is all about the money. Money which many of us are hard pressed to obtain or maintain. Money which many pay out in taxes but in reality, the common person gets little back in return.

Millions, billions, trillions, zillions of dollars all flowing through the hands of our elected officials. A million here, a billion there. A few to this State, a billion to this country…

Pay up America, it’s tax time. Don’t pay, we’re going to get you ! We know where you live, we listen to your calls, we even sniff your mail.

Sorry Mr. Boehner, I don’t have $2,500.00 to buy a dinner, I’m not a rich guy and the community is in tough times but I would like to remind you….

You were elected by the people, for the people and regardless of your party, you represent all of the people as your position attests which is why this slight is so grave.

You, Sir, like so many others, have forgotten your position, your power and accountability.

Your true power comes from ALL the people for ALL the people…. Now DAMMIT…. How about some respect !!

Income Inequality

A new study shows that income inequality in America is at a record high. According to an analysis of tax filings, the income gap between the richest 1% and the other 99% widened to unprecedented levels in 2012. The top 1% of U.S. earners collected over 19% of household income. Breaking a record previously set in 1927. Income inequality in the U.S. has been growing for almost three decades. Under both the Democratic and Republican parties this growth in inequity has been growing. Do not let these political party people tell you they are different when it comes to “feeding” the rich at the expense of the rest of us.

I’m Beautiful

by Lisa Jefferson

I was born with mental illness

I see and hear things

That aren’t there

I need help changing my underwear

I was born with mental illness

I think everyone’s out to get me

I love peanut butter and jelly

I have mental illness

I fight ADHD every day

Yet read a book anyway

I love to laugh and play

I have a mental illness

But it’s not contagious

I’m just like you

I’m beautiful


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