West Endicott Residents’ Lives Disrupted and Our Elected Officials Don’t Care

by Gary Russell

Our greatest concerns are coming to light. Since National Pipe & Plastic received the go ahead from our town board members they have started disrupting our lives and polluting our air. The town board members continue to act without any integrity or consistency by granting more variances for additional silos and offsets to allow buildings within 5 feet of the tracks. National pipe has removed all trees and dug up the entire site. They also added a huge retention pond that has 2 major holding pools that have not been empty since the first time it rained. The flood control pond right next to theirs drains correctly and usually is empty. Why is there so much water in their ponds? Also, why are they not required to fence in this pond? It clearly has 2′ or more in it at all times. Local residents are required to fence in their swimming pools. This is an example of a lack of consistency and integrity. We have zoning laws in effect to protect our communities but our town board members just grant business variances to do as they please.

That is another example of lack of consistency and integrity. A home owner would never be granted variances, but big business gets variances without any problem. Our neighborhood will likely be the next industrial plume in the town of union. That is okay. Many people keep telling us “this area has always been designated as a light industrial area.” That is true, but 100 years ago nobody knew the dangers of industrial waste. The town board members need to come out of the 1900s and start cleaning up our small residential communities. They have shown no concern for our neighborhood.  They continue to grant variances and turn deaf ears to our concerns. We do need jobs in Broome County, but at what cost? Haven’t we learned anything from the plume in Endicott? Give business incentives to develop in RURAL INDUSTRIAL PARKS. Don’t continue to throw money at them and grant what- ever variance they what to pollute quiet residential areas. THANK YOU BROOME COUNTY LEADERS !


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