Where Do West Endicott Residents Stand?

There are only five codes that the town of union Board of Appeals must follow. All members of the Board of Appeals Boldly and Blatantly went against four of those codes, they allowed NP&P to Boldly and Blatantly  go against the fifth.. I am listing those codes so that all who read this article will understand why, we here in West Endicott feel the way we do, toward all members of our town boards.

1. Whether an undesirable change will be produced in the character of the neighborhood or a detriment to nearby properties will be created by the granting of the area variance.

2. Whether the benefit sought by the applicant can be achieved by some method, feasible for the applicant to pursue, other than an area variance.

3. Whether the requested area variance is substantial.

4. Whether the proposed variance will have an adverse effect or impact on the physical or environmental conditions in the neighborhood or district.

5. Whether the alleged difficulty was self-created, which consideration shall be relevant to the decision of the board of appeals, but shall not necessarily preclude the granting of the area variance.

The Town of Union Board of Appeals’ members clearly went against those codes. As for the fifth code, Dave Culbertson owner of NP&P went against by purchasing the property here in West Endicott 12 years ago. You see 12 years ago the Property that NP&P purchased was at that time Zoned “Light Industry.” It was not rezoned until sometime in 2010 when the 10 years was expiring and they were under pressure to either do construction or for the town to rezone. They rezoned this Property from “Light Industry” to “Industry.” This left it wide open for NP&P to do what-ever they wanted as long as they were granted their variances. And granted they were, and are still being granted.  This rezoning was just in the Ten year time–Coincidence or not?

We were publicly told by a member of the Town Board that they “could not be concerned with a few hundred residents, their concern was thousands.” So we see where residents in West Endicott Stand…


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