BCIDA Costs Local Schools Big Money

By Emma Pulaski


                 Over the last five years the Broome County Industrial Development Agency (BCIDA) has cost Broome County schools over $10 million through Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILOT) agreements alone.  The BCIDA also costs school districts through their rental properties, which are also tax free even though they make an income on these properties.  Not only is the BCIDA contributing to the difficulties faced by local schools, but they shift the burden of paying for schools to local homeowners.  When the BCIDA gives a tax break it means homeowners pay more.  The BCIDA, in the last five years alone, has not only taken $10 million away from local schools, but from taxpayers who dutifully make-up for budget gaps left by corporate profits and lackluster state funding.  Read the rest of this entry »



The People’s Press is looking for responsible companies to move to our local communities.  At a recent meeting at People’s Press headquarters it was agreed that members of the editorial staff of the Press and more importantly, the majority of citizens of the Triple Cities in the Southern Tier are tired of paying the tab for the irresponsible corporatists who finance their businesses with our tax money and then lobby for and receive obscene tax breaks for themselves and their companies. Read the rest of this entry »

Meeting Schedule for the Broome County Industrial Development Agency

Come down to the BC Library (185 Court St) in Downtown Binghamton at NOON on the Fridays on the days listed below to watch public money being doled out to private companies and SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT!  They also provide free food and drink (soda and bottled water, sorry no booze)!!!!

February 14,  March 14,  April 11,  May 9, June 13, July 11,  August 8,  September 12,    October 10,  November 14,  December 12

 If you find Friday at noon inconvenient, email the BCIDA Executive Director at km@bcida.com  You can also call the IDA at 607.584.9000


Detroit Comes to Broome County…and the Rest of the Nation

 by C. Arthur Reavis

                 This past December, US Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, ruled that: Michigan’s Constitutional Amendment stating that contracts cannot be amended (read pensions of current and former workers) was superseded by a Federal bankruptcy that does. Therefore, under non-elected “Emergency” City Manager, Kevyn Orr– a bankruptcy attorney and partner at a Washington DC firm which represents energy companies against coal miners in bankruptcy court, the City of Detroit will now screw its former workers and citizens out of the majority of their pensions and assets. Read the rest of this entry »

The Blood on Binghamton University’s Hands

By: B.B. Shell

Binghamton University is becoming a hotbed for drone research.  Due to declining support from New York State (NYS) and thanks to the area’s long-standing business relationship with the military, more and more funding for BU is coming from the branches of the armed forces, the Air Force in particular.  The US government’s expansion of drone warfare has come under fire from the international and domestic community for the indiscriminate and extrajudicial killing of peasant farmers, US citizens, “suspected terrorist”, and wedding parties.  Many blame drones for the US’s declining status and credibility in the world. With these criticisms in mind it is important for BU administrators, students, professors, and Broome county residents to re-evaluate funding for drone technological.  Better drones, after all, mean deadly drones.  Read the rest of this entry »

Improved Medicare for All: Quality, Guaranteed National Health Insurance

Didn’t we just pass healthcare reform?

Why change the healthcare system we’ve got?

 There’s a lot wrong with our healthcare system, and the new law (Affordable Care Act) only tweaks around the edges of the problems. Health care in the United States fails us because: Read the rest of this entry »

“I’m a ‘Gangsta’”

By: Lisa Tomes

You think you’re a Gangsta’

Selling drugs, stealing

Well, let me tell

You the real meaning

I get my baby on the bus every morning

In between yawning

And when drugs

Are calling

I just say no

“God” says way to go

When life is tough

And I want to run

I stop, regroup

And try having fun

When the baby’s crying

I thank God she’s not dying

I get up, go to work


Bills don’t pay their self

I’ve got to pray.

When the day is

Over, let’s thank

God and each other

For this day,

Yeah, that’s Gangsta’