Improved Medicare for All: Quality, Guaranteed National Health Insurance

Didn’t we just pass healthcare reform?

Why change the healthcare system we’ve got?

 There’s a lot wrong with our healthcare system, and the new law (Affordable Care Act) only tweaks around the edges of the problems. Health care in the United States fails us because:

It’s too expensive:  Workers pay 47% more now than they did in 2005 for the family health coverage they get through their jobs, while their wages have increased only 18%. Employers, in contrast, pay 20% more toward employees’ health insurance than they did five years ago. By 2019, the average American will spend $13,652 every year on healthcare.

It’s wasteful: Because the new law expands the role of private health insurance, nearly 30 cents of every dollar will continue to go toward paperwork, marketing and profits – not actual care. That’s because there are over 1,000 insurance companies, each with hundreds of different reimbursement methods. Doctor’s offices and hospitals have to hire more clerical workers than nurses to deal with all the complex paperwork. Simply put, America’s current healthcare (non) system is convoluted and wasteful.

We’re not as healthy as we could be: We spend twice as much for healthcare as any other industrialized nation on earth (2.4 trillion in 2008) – that’s 16% of all the US goods and services produced, yet facts show that we lag behind other developed nations in indicators of health. We are rated 37th in overall health outcomes by the World Health Organization.

We leave millions uninsured: Even with the new law, an estimated 23 million people will remain uninsured by 2019. Many people will be forced to buy private insurance, or will be eligible for Medicaid under the new law, but it is still not universal, guaranteed coverage and will continue to leave many vulnerable to the high cost of care.

Those who are insured go bankrupt: 62% of bankruptcies are because of medical debt. That means someone got sick and lost their job, and then their insurance. 2/3 of these bankruptcies were filed by people who were insured when they got sick.

How Can We Fix the U.S. Healthcare Crisis?

We can solve the crisis by taking healthcare out to the market place and putting it in the hands of a public agency such as the one that runs the Medicare program so efficiently. Medicare operates with approximately 3% overhead, compared with the 15-30% overhead of the private insurance plans. By doing so, patient care and health come first, not insurance company profits.

By adopting HR 676, the “United States National Healthcare Act” or “Improved and Expanded Medicare for All”

 Every resident is covered regardless of income, employment, age, health or marital status.

You can go to any doctor you choose, without worrying about co-payments, deductibles, or premiums, making healthcare free at the point of delivery.

All necessary healthcare services are covered including hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental, vision, long-term care, mental health and more.

Healthcare is a Human Right!

You can read the bill at

 The United States is the ONLY industrialized country in the world that does not have universal healthcare.

 For more information visit HEALTHCARE-NOW at

their website at or Call at 1-800-453-1305




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