Mercy Killers


PRESENTS  WINNER 2013  ~ FRINGE FIRST AWARD:                                                  Edinburgh  Festival  ~THE SCOTSMAN

“A tragic tale of social crimes that indicts not just government, but our culture…”  AARON SMITH Arts/West blog

                 Mercy Killers

the one-man play by Michael Milligan fresh from a five week Off-Broadway Run

February 20 & 21, 2014     8:00 PM     Talkback following performance

Lehman Alternative School Black Box Theater 111 Chestnut Street, (West Hill) Ithaca, New York

Directions: u

ŸParking AvailableŸ  ŸTCAT Bus Route 14 info – 277-7433ŸTickets: Suggested Donation $10.00 u Checks or cash.  No credit or debit cards.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds

Recommended tickets be reserved: 607 279 6429 u

 “This poignant drama cuts to the chase: healthcare is a human right, not a commodity. The incredible strength of the performance is the character development of ‘Joe,’ the apple pie-loving, Rush Limbaugh-listening, blue-collar worker who struggles with the uniquely American experience of losing your health in the land of plenty. Milligan’s performance strips away the polarization of the political debate and opens the door for real conversation as to ‘how can this be happening here.” ~ Joanne Boyer, Wisdom Voices

For more information about the play go to:



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