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       The People’s Press has a new email address! Contact us with comments, ideas for stories, and upcoming progressive events.   We are a community paper with no corporate sponsors which means all of our stories come from citizen-journalists fighting for the public good.  JOIN US!

We are especially looking for short summaries of community based progressive activities to put in our new section “Community Recap.”  Did you attend the screening of an anti-war film with discussion afterward?  Write it up and send it to us!  Were you at a speak-out against BC Transit privatization?  Write it up and send it to us!  Progressive voices are numerous in Broome County but scattered.  Small things like this can help unite the progressive elements in our community.  There is strength in numbers!

Community Recap

Progressives are holding and attending events in Broome County every day.  Let other progressives know what you are doing and hearing around town.

Trying to Keep Public Education Public

In an attempt to stop Gov. Cuomo’s hasty and  ill-conceived implementation the “Common Core” curriculum throughout NYS, 11 national groups including (but limited to) the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), National Education Association (NEA), League of United Latin American Citizens and the Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J) have formed a coalition along with parents, students, teachers and community members called:Reclaim, Public Ed Now.

On December 9, 2013 they met along with a small group of Whitney Point students, teachers, parents and union members at Thomas Jefferson School on Binghamton’s West Side. The meeting was small but the group appears to be only getting started in the local area.

Among the principles that are driving this coalition are, fighting the corporatization of OUR public schools, preventing the use of standardized tests for teacher evaluations, and fighting back against the ‘war on teachers’.

Gov. Cuomo has joined the likes of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Counsel), the Koch Brothers, Gov. Scott Walker (WI), and many of our bought and paid for (by well-heeled corporations and oligarchs) State and Federal legislators (both Democrats & Republicans) in his attempts to dismantle a fundamental human right and cornerstone of American democracy: Quality Public Education! It’s time we all stand up to the wholesale destruction of our public services. Fight privatization and corporatization where ever and when you can. This coalition may be a good place to start!




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