The People’s Press is looking for responsible companies to move to our local communities.  At a recent meeting at People’s Press headquarters it was agreed that members of the editorial staff of the Press and more importantly, the majority of citizens of the Triple Cities in the Southern Tier are tired of paying the tab for the irresponsible corporatists who finance their businesses with our tax money and then lobby for and receive obscene tax breaks for themselves and their companies.

You know who we mean … the now bankrupt EIT in Endicott… handed over by New York State to the MAINES and MATTHEWS families … all of the (MARC) NEWMAN DEVELOPMENT projects including student housing in Binghamton, Gannett Publishing, Wal-Mart and VISIONS Credit Union in Johnson City, Town Square Mall in Vestal, University Plaza in Vestal and the list goes on and on! Now comes another student housing proposal by an owner from New York City seeking FREE MONEY.  And now, Governor Cuomo is pitching 10 years of no taxes for businesses who move into designated “FREE TAX ZONES.”  WHAT!?!?!  Who’s gonna’ pick up the “tax slack?” You and me, that’s who!

All told, the local “Movers and Shakers” as they like to be called, have sucked up more than $75,000,000 in TAX BREAKS over the course of the past 25 years. And, what’s been the result?

You have paid more in property taxes over that period of time to make up for these giveaways.

The “FAT CATS” named above have gotten richer because of it. Our local economy is in even worse shape than it was before they got their CORPORATE WELFARE.

Why do these companies ask for the tax breaks?  Because they know they can get them from the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) members and our local politicians. 

 The IDA has NEVER, NOT ONCE, DECLINED TO APPROVE A PROJECT!!!  When will it end?  When we demand an end to it!

Just like people, RESPONSIBLE companies pay their fair share of the community fees and taxes.  A responsible company will develop a business plan that includes paying their fair share of taxes.  And, we’ll say to them, “If you can’t do that then you are not a very smart businessperson”.  We say “If you can’t be responsible we don’t want you in our community.  And, if you’re already here begin paying your fair share of taxes or just get outta’ town!






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