NYSEG Turned Off My Heat During Wintertime, Breaking the Law

by Lulu O’Platt

             This article is for others who, like me, found their NYSEG bill so high they couldn’t quite make those payments in full each month this winter, and were shut off from service.  This winter NYSEG shut off my service and when I called the New York State Public Service Commission’s hotline I was stunned to learn NYSEG broke the law.  The employees at the New York State Public Service Commission asked if I wanted to file a complaint against NYSEG, and I did. 
There are an unknown number of times others have suffered from the illegal shut off of heat and electric service.  If you have, or if you know others who have, been the victim of NYSEG’s disregard for New York State law, please file a complaint with the New York State Public Service Commission.  Spread the word.  Read the rest of this entry »


Why Workers Don’t Read

   Sonny Tufts

 A working woman said to me, “I don’t know nothing about nothing. I never mess around with politics. I read the headlines, astrology, funnies and sports. That’s one reason I won’t subscribe.”

The educated ones, the authorities, the leaders – all of present day society – have made this woman feel that she knows nothing because she doesn’t read the papers. But this woman, and the thousands of people just like her, knows plenty. Read the rest of this entry »

Different Rules

             Broome County has one of NYS’s highest unemployment rates. Some residents have a full time job during the day and a part time job in the evening. Some Broome County residents have no job at all. 

             The Broome County Executive has a full time job and a part time job but she carries out the duties of each job simultaneously. According to an article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin, County Executive Debbie Preston sold jewelry from her executive office while she was being paid $90,700 a year from the public till. Preston defended this practice as legal because, according to her, only non-governmental employees are prohibited from hawking their wares at the county workplace. Read the rest of this entry »


An injury to one is an injury to all!

Occupational injury and disease is the 4th leading cause of death in NY state!

Please join with us and others on Saturday April 26 at 12:00 PM at the                          

Martin Luther King Plaza –Downtown Binghamton- to remember our fallen brothers and sisters and to ‘Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!’                   

for more info contact: bonnie@cnylabor.org.



“A revolution is first and foremost a movement from the old to the new, and needs above all new words, new verses, and new passwords–all the symbols in which ideas and feelings are made tangible. The mass creation and appropriation of what is needed is a revealing picture of a whole people on their journey into the modern world, sometimes pathetic, sometimes vastly comic, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, but always vibrant with the life that only a mass of ordinary people can give.”

                               C.L.R. JAMES,   RACE TODAY 6 #5, 1974 Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Screwed at Work?


“Supervisor” with Entry Level Pay

Paychecks You Can’t Understand

Payback to the Boss

Unpaid “Downtown”

“Processing” Fees for Check Cashing

Reduced or No Tips

“Independent Contractor”

Unpaid “Training Time”

Lost or No Mileage

“Short Changed” Every Week

…Etc, Etc…


   Fight Wage Theft!

Thursday, May 1st

5 – 6 p.m.

Martin Luther King Plaza


Kim Bobo


Together We Can Do More!

For more info: 607-238-8109

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Press Editorial Gets it Half Right (as usual)

 The Press & Sun-Bulletin editorial from March 23rd states that the reason for NYS’s fiscal problems is that our state government spends too much. The editorial does not mention the income side of the fiscal equation. With the increasing number of tax breaks given to corporations like the Press & Sun Bulletin for instance, it is hard to run a government for the benefit of the people. Read the rest of this entry »