Has Your Job Made You Sick? Occupational Health Clinical Center Can Help You

 Are your symptoms work related?

Have you been exposed to substances on the job that might make a person sick?

Have you recently left a job (through retirement, layoff, job elimination, termination, etc.) that caused your symptoms?

                                                 CALL TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU…

Occupational Health Clinical Centers are staffed by a team of health professionals actively working to support worker health and safety in ZG counties in New York. Occupational illnesses and diseases are highly preventable, and we can help.

As a medical specialty practice, we focus on Medical Service including medical and occupational history; physical exam and diagnostic testing, referral, and social services.

Prevention of Occupational Illness and Disease, including screening and monitoring, education in workplace hazard recognition; ergonomic and workplace safety assessment, data collection, public policy advocacy, worker/patient empowerment, including risk mapping, workers’ rights to health and safety at the workplace; navigating the Workers’ Compensation system; support groups and popular education related to the impact of worker health on public health.


            Convenient Locations in Binghamton, Syracuse and Canton Call OHCC at 315-432-8899 or call toll free at

                                     1-800-432-95909 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday



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