Press Editorial Gets it Half Right (as usual)

 The Press & Sun-Bulletin editorial from March 23rd states that the reason for NYS’s fiscal problems is that our state government spends too much. The editorial does not mention the income side of the fiscal equation. With the increasing number of tax breaks given to corporations like the Press & Sun Bulletin for instance, it is hard to run a government for the benefit of the people.

On top of all the subsidies given to the big corporations, Governor Cuomo wants to exempt from state taxes, for ten years, all corporations that move to areas surrounding state university centers or state buildings.

The States’ fiscal situation depends on both income and spending. We understand why the editors of the Press only like to focus on the spending. If the Press and their corporate cohorts would pay their fair share of property taxes we would be able to afford the public services and upkeep like police, firefighters, infrastructure repair, etc. that we all use and want.

The editors of the Press know that they have a great property tax deal so they ignore the income side of the issue. They speak only for the big corporate side of the community.  



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