Selected Shorts

             -NYC’s night court is the latest example of poverty tourism, or using the experiences and misfortunes of poor persons for entertainment. This, of course, is a time honored tradition in western “civilization,” from public hangings of debtors in the feudal Europe to Cops and the daily paper’s perp round-up, and tours of slums in the “developing” world. Inventive tour guide companies, however, have found the ultimate in the practice: taking tourists to NYC’s night court, so tourist can see the terrible riff-raff the NYPD have to do with. Drugees…immigrants…homeless people…delinquent renters! What I want to know: Where is the night court for Wall Street bankers?

            -1,700 workers freed from employment last year! Broome and Tioga counties lost 1,700 jobs from January 2013-January 2014. 1,000 of those were from government employment.

            -Publically subsided education takes on training responsibilities for NYS casinos! At SUNY Broome you can now receive training in a $300,000 fake casino to be a blackjack dealer, a cocktail waitress, or maybe a bar back. Is this what graduates of SUNY Broome have to look forward to later in life? Why are our publically subsided institutions tricking students into wasting their money on this? Why are our publically subsidized institutions being tricked into teaching this? This is a sad turn of events and shame on the Press and Sun for not pointing it out.

            -This February workers at the VW plant in TN voted to not join the UAW. Leading the fear campaign leading up to the vote US Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) told workers that VW would not give the plant another line of cars if they voted to join the union, which VW immediately denied. After the unionization effort failed, VW released a statement saying that they may not extend operations in the US due to intense anti-union rhetoric. Every VW plant in the world beside the one in TN and another in China are unionized! Why would anyone want workers to have less money to buy things in their state? Why would anyone want workers in their state to have fewer rights? Why would Sen. Corker lie to workers about VW’s intentions and in the process sabotage any hope that VW would create more good jobs in the US? Simple: Sen. Bob Corker and the capitalists that have him in their pockets are scared that if one southern plant unionizes others will follow suit. People like Bob Corker owe their career to oppressing workers. Sound like any politicians you know?

            -Broome County announces that it will share revenue with local “development” org. Last year if BC repossessed a building due to failure to pay taxes, that money went to BC and ostensibly to me and you. Now a new local development organization with no public oversight called the BC Landbank is going to share that revenue with BC. Yet one more way Broome County is making itself broke so it can lay off public (unionized) employees!!!

            -Workers at a Domino’s Pizza franchise in NYC were awarded almost half a million dollars when it was found that they were the victims of “wage theft”: when a company pays below the minimum wage because of unfair labor practices like forcing workers to work off the clock, clock in late, sending home workers early, making their pay for uniform care, etc (see for more information). Workers across the Domino’s franchise in NYC came together and challenged Domino’s in court, forcing Domino’s to reinstate workers and give their workers back SOME of what was stolen from them. Are you the victim of wage theft? How does your employee push your wages down even farther below a livable wage? Let the People’s Press know (we will respect your confidentiality) or, better yet, organize to get your wages back!





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