Call to action in Broome County! Count Broome County IN!

With the warmer weather come opportunities to make your dissatisfaction known by participating in planned actions. In less than two weeks, two demonstrations were held in support of low-wage workers, one in front of McDonald’s on Main Street in Binghamton and the other at Wal-Mart. Over 50 people combined were involved, including many unionized workers and clergy people. Both events were held in solidarity with workers protesting across the country and the world. At the end of May, workers protested McDonald’s in every major metropolitan area and in 33 countries. McDonald’s workers even took over the McDonald’s campus in suburban Chicago, resulting in the arrest of over 150 workers, including Kim Bobo and the President of the Service Workers Employee’s Union. We demanded higher livable wages for McDonald’s employees and the ability join a union. COUNT BROOME COUNTY IN! On June 4th another action was held near Wal-Mart supporting groups like Our Wal-Mart and the Wal-Mart Moms in their demand for at least $25,000 a year in pay, the right to unionize, and for regular hours. Wal-Mart workers and unions led strikes and protests from Los Angeles to Dayton. Here in Johnson City, speakers from local unions and Interfaith Worker Justice gave their support to Wal-Mart workers, pointing out that many Wal-Mart workers were too fearful of losing their jobs to join. The Raging Grannies were also there to lead protesters in song deploring Wal-Mart’s “Damnable behavior” and vowing to “Boycott every Wal-Mart” until workers’ demands are met. COUNT BROOME COUNTY IN! If you would like to be informed of local, planned actions across Broome County email The People’sPressand ask to be put on our Action List.

COUNT BROOME COUNTY IN and join The People’s Press Action List. We will only send you information about upcoming events in the local community where demonstrations are planned. If you have an event you would like to let others know about, send the info. along as well.



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