A Sam’s Club Employee Speaks Out!

Jamie De Silva is 59 year old and has been working at Sam Club in Vestal, NY for over eight years. Sam’s Club is a membership big box store owned by the Walton family which also owns Walmart.  Walmart is the largest private employer in the US.  In a July interview Jamie described the employee working conditions. Read the rest of this entry »


Publically Supported Casinos—A Transfer of Wealth from One Class to Another

By Dave Duncan

Gambling is not going to be the salvation of Broome County. (Do not allow gambling to be referred as gaming, it is not a game it is gambling). The Governor, the County Executive, and numerous other political fakers all over the County, are hawking a proposed gambling casino development as a solution to our economic woes. The plan submitted to NYS for approval calls for a project called Traditions Resort & Casino to be built in the Town Of Union. The plan calls for the development of a nearly $200 million project that on paper is to create 1,066 jobs. Read the rest of this entry »

Working Conditions for the Disabled

By Dave Duncan

Jim Martindale is a man with disabilities suffered in a work accident seven years ago. His doctors have warned him about doing any work that requires repetitive motion, heavy lifting or reaching above six feet. After a two year period of disability and physical rehabilitation Jim is now working at a company that does cleaning for commercial, educational, health care and governmental facilities. Jim is in his mid- forties and has one dependent. He has worked for the cleaning firm for almost five years. All the cleaning people, except supervisors, are people with disabilities. Some have physical and some have mental disabilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Selected Shorts

       Let’s Be Clear


If you work for someone:

You are not their ASSOCIATE

You are not their PARTNER

You are not their COLLEAGUE

You are not even  a TEAM MEMBER

You are their WORKER

You are a RESOURCE for your EMPLOYER whose wealth is created through your WORK. Read the rest of this entry »

Need for Change and Hope

What is foremost on my mind and needs attention is the combination of all the issues that are facing our young adults and even the preteens that are perceptive. I am no psychologist but it doesn’t take a degree to recognize young people who struggle.    Read the rest of this entry »

Why Students and Parents MUST Boycott the N. Y. S. Standardized Tests!

By C. Arthur Reavis

As this is the September/October issue of the People’s Press I thought it appropriate to remind students (grades K-12), parents, and teachers why it is imperative that all New York State (NYS) standardized tests used to “measure student performance” and determine the “effectiveness” of teachers/schools be boycotted. No matter what threats are levied by the School Districts the truth remains that these test are not designed to better educational outcomes, but to teach students and teachers’ subservience, and make big bucks for big companies, like the “educational” company Pearson. By restricting content and making a single test’s results so far reaching how can teachers and students think creatively or critically, especially of the poor educational system to which they are bound? The added benefit from the perspective of budget hawks (like Governor Cuomo) is to turn teachers into precarious workers – with the constant threat of arbitrary dismissal teachers are less able to fight for workers’ rights, and against unfair labor practices and contract breaches. Here are just a few reasons why these test should be boycotted: Read the rest of this entry »

“Labor Reform”:  Proposals to Maximize Workplace Bullying

This is a excerpt of an article by James Petras

Many management consultants, government officials and financial journalists are proposing, what they dub, “labor reforms” and “labor market flexibility” as the solution for double-digit unemployment, economic stagnation and the decline of manufacturing investments in the United States and Europe. “Labor reform”, however, is just a euphemism for the reversal of laws and practices that workers and employees secured through decades of struggle against employers. The idea that “labor reforms,” like mass firings, tiered salary and retirement schemes, forced retirement and work pace speed-ups, would create jobs for the unemployed has been tried and disproven over the past decades. One need look no further than the stagnant economies of “labor reform” testing grounds like Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, and Upstate New York. Read the rest of this entry »