Need for Change and Hope

What is foremost on my mind and needs attention is the combination of all the issues that are facing our young adults and even the preteens that are perceptive. I am no psychologist but it doesn’t take a degree to recognize young people who struggle.              Many of today’s youth are caught in divorce issues, custody battles, poverty, and lack of school policy and just basically lost. Especially those who are loving and different. If you wish to know my story not even a full year ago I lost my son of 15 years to suicide. The details are not important but what is important is you all need to know he had and was helping friends with depression, drug use, cutting issues, and a general feeling of not fitting in. None of this I understood and still don’t fully and never will.                                                                                                                                                                     As a parent I have walked in the depths of hell and may for many, many years. You can bet that if there was a humanly possible way I would rewind time and even take the place of my son. Today’s youth struggle with seeing a positive future because politics capitalism and even corrupt government programs have shifted from the reasons they were started. All of this is very important and needs to be addressed in a civil manner. Placing blame and threatening legal actions do no good.  What we need as a race, a human race, is hope.  A hope in kindness, compassion and general caring. Make programs that may not fix issues but prevent them for becoming worse.  Start a trend for donating sports or learning tools to those less knowledgeable or less fortunate financially to participate. Do things as safe as possible and with less effects on nature emotions or the general public. We all matter and are in life together.



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