Selected Shorts

     Once Again, NYSEG Takes its Philips Head (or Flat Head) to the People

FYI- in case you wanted to take advantage of NYSEG’s refrigerator recycling program, get a more energy efficient refrigerator and collect your $50.00 but, were waiting until that old dinosaur which was clunking away finally bit the big one: Don’t! NYSEG’s, “Get $50 and we’ll pick up your old refrigerator” program is only for those people who can afford to replace perfectly good working appliances just for sake of upgrading. NYSEG’s program is not for those of us who have to wait until our old appliances finally bite the dust because we just don’t have the cash to go out and get the latest and greatest. You see you can only get NYSEG to haul away a working appliance that their representative takes off the grid, the appliance can’t take itself off the grid. And why not? We just don’t have enough incentive programs that benefit those with more financial means, in spite of not needing assistance, in AmeriKa! Don’t you think we need more financial incentive programs that benefit the rich over everybody else? NYSEG does! Remember: “Class Warfare” is only an ugly phrase if you’re part of the class that has ALL the wealth!

First Communist Government in U.S.

The first communist government in the United States was recently elected in Greene, New York: the Greene High School Student Government. The students voted for this change because they realize the system is a joke in everyone’s eyes. The idea of communism was harshly dealt with by a majority of teachers who went so far as to go into a kid’s locker and rip out the communist posters. This only made the student body more zealous in spreading these posters around, thus earning more popularity for communism, and the current system losing even more respect. Despite everything the teachers did to hinder the results, the communist party won by over half the grades’ votes, which is astounding. The students have continued to show their support for communism and have made it clear that they believe the current system to be nothing more than a joke.


Who Pays for Free Tax Breaks???

Who has not noticed the slick TV ads telling businesses that if they come to NYS they can get a free tax ride for 10 years? The breaks include property, sales and business taxes. In January 2013 a report prepared for the NYS Tax Reform and Fairness Commission stated that the number of business tax credits had increased from 33 in 2015 to 50 in 2013. The report states that these business tax credits are going to a small percentage of the states’ existing business. A new report released in Oct. 2014 shows that NYS now leads the nation in the amount of tax breaks given to businesses. In 2005 the cost to NYS was $673 million. In 2013 the cost to the state leaped to $1.7 billion.                                                                             In Broome County the Industrial Development Agency, with the support of the County Executive,   County Legislature, the Towns and Villages, passes out multi-year property and sales tax breaks like drunken revelers throwing confetti at a parade. It makes no difference whether any of these levels of government are controlled by the Democratic or Republican parties.                                                                                                                                            There is no such thing as a free tax break. If the big corporations do no pay their fair share then the rest of the population either pays more or has services cut. (Schools, libraries, mental health clinics, etc. etc.)

Binghamton Coalition Demands a Higher Minimum Wage         

Community members protesting the poverty wages paid to service workers at the McD’s on Main Street in Binghamton, on   September 4th. This is the latest action to demand higher wages in the Southern Tier and across the world. The coalition of religious leaders, union members, young people, students, and concerned citizens demanded the minimum wage be increased to over $10 an hour. Unlike the entrenched political elite, these people realize that paying service workers a better wage means that the community as a whole will benefit. As The People’s Press has noted, raising the minimum wage will not raise prices substantively, nor drive up inflation (according to mainstream economists the world economy is suffering from a lack of inflation!). Big corporations, putting more money in the pockets of everyday people means that working people everywhere will benefit, from minimum wage workers to (relatively) high earning carpenters, constructions workers and plumbers. Even more local businesses will benefit as well because more people can afford to buy their typically higher priced goods and services.


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