Capitalism, Oligarchy, Racism & AmeriKan “Democracy”

By C. Arthur Reavis

Between the ultra-consumerism displayed by some retailers (like Walmart & K-Mart) this holiday season, the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice…et al, the struggles of the average Jane to simply survive (Living Wage? Ha!), the über-wealthy hijacking and perverting what shreds of equality, fairness and justice that are still left in AmeriKa, the absolute crap that was attached to the new Appropriations Bill (“Cromnibus”) and a news media perpetuating our racially divided “two-Party” political farce, I just about wanted to self-immolate these past few weeks. But doing so would not spark our next Revolution. A revolution we so desperately need to prepare for and hope comes sooner rather than later: OUR society cannot stand much more of this ultra-Capitalism that has lead us into an age of neo-feudalism.  

How bad must it get? Literally, innocent people of color and the poor are being shot, beaten to death, jailed, harassed, placed in economic servitude, railroaded by our criminal in-justice system and left fending for scraps while the resources available to them are rapidly evaporating. On top of that the “Cromnibus” spending bill for the next year awaiting Obama’s signature undoes Dodd-Frank safeguards that hindered Wall St’s. risky tax-payer backed derivatives trading schemes (think “Great Recession!”), diminishes campaign finance rules by increasing individual contribution levels to $324,000 ( Can you say “market-based ‘democracy’?), allows “underfunded” multi-employee pension plans to significantly cut how much pensioners under 75 receive (mostly effecting larger unions), let’s truckers drive longer hours (sorry Tracy Morgan!), takes two endangered birds off the endangered species list, blocks new mountain top removal fill rules, ends the ban on wasteful incandescent light bulbs, stops the democratically enacted legalization of pot in DC, cuts funding to the IRS (go tax cheats!) and EPA(go polluters!)…phew! But the “Cromnibus”does allow another $65 billion for war in the Middle-East. All this while we are simultaneously told the only way to change the “system” is to: “Go out and vote.” However, the Oligarchs (Kochs, Waltons, Murdoch…et al) make it increasingly more difficult to actually have our votes counted, and even if our votes are counted it does not make a difference. The Oligarchs own both political parties and the media that controls their message (not to mention the voting machines!).

Firstly, we need to get rid of the racial divide that still does exist. That is up to us, not the state. I heard, on NPR (National Petroleum Radio- Thank you Kochs’!) when Mary Landrieu lost in Louisiana: “How will Democrats regain the WHITE vote in the South?” What? As a social scientist I find demographics exciting as the next, but not when they are used to perpetuate an already racially divided society in order to further perpetuate that racial divide. Especially, within a political party, the Democratic Party, whose rhetoric gives a nod, albeit an empty and meaningless nod, to ALL working people and people of color.

Let’s dump both parties. If you’re a person of color, a woman, a working stiff, disabled, an or an elderly person, you are nothing for the Capitalist society except exploitable biological material. And once your exploit-ability has diminished you instantaneously become expendable because you are a leach on the profitability to the 1%! There’s NO meaningful difference between ANY of the bottom 99% of us in our relation to the 1%. It’s the 99% versus the 1%! Let’s we the 99% wage a good old Class War on the 1%!

What do we do? Keep up and increase the small revolts, like we have seen after the tragic deaths of Michael Brown et al, and at globalization protests, the Occupy protests etc. We need to start to shut the Country down through cooperation from (Yes, general strikes!) from ALL unions that can legally strike. (Those that cannot legally strike; timed walk-outs for breaks, lunches etc.) Then, coordinated with all workers (union & non-union) via mass sit-ins, die-ins, blockades of commerce, boycotts and other guerrilla class-warfare tactics. We must begin to “Shut it down!” and start preparing for a real Socialist/Green revolution.

I saw some hope in protesters’ signs in Seattle and Ferguson: A conflagration of Capitalism and our currently broken systems. But alas we also need to prepare for the fact that these protests will become violent. Not because the protests or protesters need to be violent: They DO NOT! Merely we need to be prepared for violence from the Oligarchical-Corporatocracy that will bear down upon us. The current system will only tolerate so much “unrest” before they start literally cracking heads, shooting MORE innocents, curtailing more of our 1st Amendment rights and jailing/disappearing those of us who are deemed sympathizers, instigators and participants- that is until we “Shut it down,” and rebuild it for all.


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