The Fight Against Privatizing Willow Point Continues

The effort to prevent the county-owned Willow Point Nursing Home from privatization or closure took another step on May 19th with a speak-out at the Johnson City Senior Citizen Center. Forty members of the community came together to challenge the recommendation of an accounting firm which earlier this year called for privatization. Nursing home workers, those who had or have loved ones residing in Willow Point, and concerned citizens relayed their concerns over the possibility of the facility’s closure. All praised the care their loved ones received at the facility and the commitment and caring of the staff. Others reported that without Willow Point their loves ones would have spent their final months and years in Scranton or Rochester, due to financial constraints. Being a public facility, Willow Point provides much needed bed space for low-income people, especially low-income seniors. Below is one piece presented during the event entitled “Questioning Privatization” and another presenting the economic argument for keeping the facility. Both call for continued investment in the Willow Point. Read the rest of this entry »


Unaccountable Railroads: Bad for Broome, Rail Workers, and Public Health

On July 8th 15 area residents gathered at the corner of Front and Clinton St in Binghamton to call attention to dangerous train transportation of chemicals, oils, and “frack sand,” dangerous to our community’s health, economic and social wellbeing. Standing in solidarity with railroad workers currently battling the unsafe imposition of single-person crews, we (the residents) held signs demanding local government scrutiny of train transport and passed out the flier re-printed below. We met on this day in July to remember the Lac-Megantic disaster in 2013 when an entire Canadian town was leveled by a shale-oil car explosion, known as bomb trains. Forty seven people were killed and hundreds of millions in property was damaged. Realizing that the combination of dangerous materials, including those used during the fracking process and resultant waste, zero local accountability or notification requirements, and deleterious working conditions produced the terrible loss of life and property, we do not want Broome County to be the next Lac-Megantic. Read the rest of this entry »

Casinos Trump Neighborhood Concerns for City Council. Who’s Important In Binghamton? (Not the Residents)

By Dave Duncan    

Many hundreds of residents and groups contact the Mayor or City Council representatives annually to obtain assistance with problems that arise in their neighborhoods. Read the rest of this entry »

Binghamton and the Ball Park

Twenty two years ago the City of Binghamton took on a stadium project that the Broome County Government had turned down. For the County, the building of a baseball stadium was a bad financial deal. Read the rest of this entry »

We Can’t Get Screwed by the BCIDA Anymore…They’ve Changed Their Name

 by Dave Duncan

The Broome County Industrial Development Agency was established almost 50 years ago to be the leading public organization for the creation of jobs in Broome County. Read the rest of this entry »

The Press Wants the Governor to Give Away More To Big Business

A front page article in the Sunday, June 21st, of the Press informs the reader that NYS is not doing enough to keep businesses in the state. The headline reads, “State Makes Little Effort to Keep Businesses from Leaving.” Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Pope Francis,

We are Catholics and fellow Christians, and other people of peace and justice, living in the United States where you will be visiting this September. We respectfully ask that you listen to our request and publicly respond to it with resoluteness equal to the gravity of the matter here raised.    Read the rest of this entry »