Broome-Tioga Green Party Elects First Chair, Jocelyne Jesenof of Binghamton

After several months of organizational meetings, the newly established Broome-Tioga Green Party elected their first chairperson in May. Jocelyne Jesenof is a retired school teacher and long-time social justice activist in Binghamton.  

Her tenure will focus on letting Broome-Tiogans know that there is an alternative to the two major corporate parties, one dedicated to protecting workers, the environment, and community through a Green New Deal. This includes reaching out to all segments of the community, registering voters, helping persons run as Greens in local elections, holding monthly meetings and informational sessions on issues important to our local community, like education.

For too long status quo candidates have benefited from their own incompetence and arrogance, discouraging people from voting and participating in our political process.

The Green Party is here to challenge this un-democratic system and present concrete progressive solutions to economic decline, failing schools, and entrenched poverty. We cannot wait for the next IBM or EJ to save our community! We must take matters into our own hands! The Broome-Tioga Green Party was formed in the wake of Howie Hawkins gubernatorial bid, wherein he received 5% of the popular vote. After the election the Green Party of New York State called on Greens to form locals across the state.

The Broome Tioga Green Party meets on the 4th Monday of every month, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the George F. Johnson Memorial Library in Endicott New York.                                                                      

For more information call: 607-727-5906



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