Single Payer Healthcare Could Save NYS Billions and Expand Access

On June 3rd, the New York State Assembly passed the Gottfried-Perkins Bill which calls for the establishment of a single payer health care plan for NYS residents. It would provide universal health coverage for ALL New York State residents, regardless of age, health, gender, and employment situation.

If passed, the New York Health Act (as it is known) would provide universal and complete health coverage to every New Yorker without premiums, deductibles, co-pays, restricted provider networks, or out-of-network charges. The bill would provide freedom of choice of doctors, health and financial security to NYS taxpayers. It is Medicare for All.

Passage of this bill by the State Assembly and Senate would save taxpayers billions by not having to pay for insurance company overhead and profits. Health care providers would save by not paying for office staff to fight with insurance companies. Those billions would go back into the pockets of New York families, employers and taxpayers.

May Lobbying Efforts

On May 5th four local Green Party members traveled to Albany to join with Physicians for a National Health Plan Metro Chapter as well as members from a variety of groups, including ACT-UP, SEIU, 1199 Nurses Union, Green Party, and liberal Democrats, to lobby members of the NYS Assembly to bring the bill to the Assembly floor (for a vote).

At the rally, prior to lobbying, we heard from a variety of speakers supporting the passage of the bill. One speaker was Albany City Treasurer, Darius Shahinfar, a strong supporter of the bill. He told us that, this bill could save NYS tax payers billions of dollars each year. Taxpayers, he said, “have an enormous hidden health care ‘tax’ in our property taxes.” He estimated Albany city taxpayers could save as much as 28% on their entire property tax bills, with a single payer plan. This saving, he said, would also be realized by taxpayers around the state. Assemblywoman, Donna Lupardo, was one of the 78 co-sponsors and a supporter of the bill.

The day we lobbied we were informed that Assembly Speaker Heastie had agreed to bring the bill to the floor of the Assembly for a vote and on June 3rd the NYS Assembly passed the bill. This is a great victory for all who support Universal Health Care for New Yorkers.

What’s Next?

The next step is for the bill to go to the New York State Senate. In the Senate the bill needs 32 votes to pass. Presently there are 20 co-sponsors. Will the Republican Senate vote for the bill? We don’t know.

The Assembly and Senate are now in recess and the new term does not begin until the fall at which time efforts will begin to convince the Republican controlled Senate to pass this very important bill. Make a simple call to our yet to be named Senator and tell her/him of your support for the NY Health Act (Single Payer Plan).

For more information on the bill go to (Physicians for a National Health Plan)

“I just think it’s pretty simple, everyone should have the right to health care. I just don’t know how anyone could think otherwise.” Sonya Collins

 “That the country that claims to be the best and most powerful and to have a “manifest destiny” to rule the world does not care for the health of its own people is obscene.  Therefore, I support the only way that makes financial and scientific sense, as long as it’s properly funded, for the state to take care of the health of its occupants, since the country as a whole refuses.”        Cecile Lawrence

“When I talk to neighbors, people at the gym, in the supermarket, friends and family, I hear over and over that a necessary medical procedure was denied by their insurance company. Why should the insurance companies dictate what medically necessary health care a person should or shouldn’t have? It should be up to the doctor and the patient, not some unknown person or insurance company. That’s why I believe we should have Single Payer Health Care. Medical and health care decisions should not be made with the profit motive in mind, but by patients and health care providers for the good of the patient.”    Jocelyne Jesenof




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