Community Action Meeting Regarding the Tragically Negligent Death of Salladin Barton

By the Recalcitrant Gourmet

On Wednesday January 14, 2015 inmate Salladin Barton was found “unresponsive” while in the custody at the Broome County Jail. He was later pronounced dead at Wilson Hospital. The family’s attorney, Ronald Benjamin, and inmates who served time with Barton report that there are a plethora of written abuse allegations. These include: the denial of food, medicine (Mr. Barton suffered from mental illness) and basic medical care as well as physical and mental abuse – the use of solitary confinement as a “punishment” and constant racial slurs. Attorney Benjamin claims he has never seen such an outpouring of statements from inmates regarding another inmate.   Furthermore, according to Salladin’s brother, Yasir Barton, the original autopsy showed Salladin had “drugs” in his system, yet a second autopsy showed Salladin did not have “drugs” in his system at the time of his death. Suspicious?

Recently- On September 14, 2015 the local NAACP welcomed, Binghamton University Professor Joshua Price, author of a recent a book detailing abuses in Broome County Jail and other correctional facilities in New York State. The attendees discussed how, as a community, we can collectively achieve justice for Salladin Barton and prevent ANY and ALL future abuses at the Broome County Jail.

Additionally, the attendees also discussed that since 2006 the Broome County Jail has contracted out its medical services to a FOR PROFIT corporation, Correctional Medical Care Inc (CMC). CMC is New York State’s largest FOR PROFIT provider of medical services in correctional facilities. Moreover, CMC as a result of a NYS Attorney General’s investigation, sparked by similar deaths in other facilities in which they operate, has agreed to pay $200,000 for what a Medical Review Board found to be “egregious lapses in medical care with respect to each of the deaths.”

Further actions are being planned by Mr. Barton’s family and the local NAACP. If you are interested in helping the local community prevent further abuses in the Broome County Jail you can follow: Justice for Salladin Barton on or at #SalladinBarton.

Additionally– It is the opinion of many in the community that we MUST pressure, through protest and civil disobedience, ANY and ALL injustices and abuses towards inmates at the Broome County Jail. We must hold accountable all those who would mistreat, abuse, or cause the death of incarcerated people. Moreover, we need to demand that services at our jails and prisons not be handed over to FOR PROFIT corporations. The primary interests of corporations is making profit, not the humane care and treatment of inmates. The two aims are contradictory.

One Comment on “Community Action Meeting Regarding the Tragically Negligent Death of Salladin Barton”

  1. Yasir Barton says:

    Thank you for writing the article. Only problem I see is there was never at any time drugs in Sals system. Sorry for the confusion and once again thanks for the support.

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