Selected Shorts

Many would state Communism is the shadow that haunts us, yet what is it a shadow of? A shadow is created by a fire being lit in the dark. What’s this fire? I believe it to be the people, and the dark that threatens to swallow the flame is Capitalism. Money distribution is the dark that seeks to quench our flame and break our light. It seeks to blind us to that which we must determine, justice, honor, love, and peace. The darkness seeks to lead us wherever it pleases; be it war, injustice, and hate, it has us by the throat even now. I would ask that you consider why we cast the shadow that is Communism, the light shows that which is hidden and only a shadow can exist with light. Shadows seek naught to extinguish our flame but to embolden it whereas the dark seeks to snuff us out. Therefore, I call for an institution based upon the budding socialist ideas of the millennial generation under the direction of Bernie Sanders. Donald John Trump is a false prophet which would have us extinguish our flame and surrender to the dark; Carson and Hillary know not what they contend with. I would ask that everyone joins in this crusade against the dark and seek to bring our torch not down to the dirt, but bear as one would a child until it can constitute as a sun.


Thank You for Generosity

The People’s Press would like the thank the Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton for holding a special collection for The People’s Press on January 10th during their 9:30 and 11:15 services.   The People’s Press is a not-a for-profit organization and no one is paid for their participation in creating this paper, so every dollar and word of encouragement is cherished. Thanks!

People’s Press Article Cited

The online critical magazine recently re-printed an article originally published in The People’s Press last issue entitled “The Ghosts of the Broome County Jail” by Professor Josh Price. This will help bring national attention to the poor condition of the jail and the horrors’ it’s wrought on local people.

Planned Parenthood and Freedom

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: The bellowers who cluster outside clinics are preventing women from getting checked for cervical cancer and breast cancer, and preventing them from getting birth control, basic OBGYN care and abortions. Why? They would rather see women dead than see them free, and some of them take up arms to reinforce the point.

Who Committed Terror Attacks? 

Among the 27 fatal terror attacks inflicted in this country since 9/11, 20 were committed by domestic right-wing extremists. (The other seven attacks were committed by domestic jihadists, not by foreign terrorist organizations.) Of the 77 people killed in these 27 incidents, two-thirds died at the hands of anti-abortion fanatics, “Christian Identity” zealots, white anti-Semites, or other right-wing militants.










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