Selected Shorts

Open Carry Law—–Not for Everybody

              The National Rifle Association (NRA) and its allied gun enthusiast were not the first to advocate for “open carry” and “Stand Your Ground” rights. Previous advocates of gun carry rights were the Black Panthers.

In 1967, the Black Panthers dressed in leather jackets and sporting Afro hairstyles, marched in formation into the legislative chambers of the California State Capitol carrying M1 carbines. They believed that they had a Constitutional right to “open carry” and to “neighborhood self-defense.”  In the wake of this anti-white terrorism invasion an Assemblyman introduced a bill stripping citizens of the right to “open carry”.  The bill, with the support of the NRA, passed. The NRA apparently did not believe that the “good guy with a gun” applied to black people. Then Governor Ronald Reagan, a fervent supporter of the Second Amendment, signed the bill into law.                                                         Excerpted from the California Catholic Agitator

 Donald Trump Has Mastered the Art of the Tax Break 

Donald Trump received a $163.775 million tax break on Trump Tower, his upscale midtown Manhattan building. The 68-story structure is home to several eponymous eating establishments, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, and Nike’s flagship store — as well as a Gucci shop Trump boasted last month was “worth more money than Romney.”

Trump Tower isn’t unique; Trump has long sought subsidies, tax breaks, and other preferential treatment from the government.

 Flint Flim-Flam                                                                

As the catastrophe unfolded from the lead poisoning of the water system in Flint, Michigan, the city charged the highest rates in the nation for water, according to a new study by the nonprofit advocacy group Food and Water Watch (FWW). The organization’s survey of 500 of the largest water systems in the US was published on Feb. 16th in a report, entitled, “The State of Public Water in the United States.”

 The Terrible Things That Happen When  Santa Claus Visits CEOs

Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger, AlterNet: A “performance pay” loophole allowed 10 US corporations alone to cut their 2014 tax bill by more than $182 million through CEO pay-related deductions. Taxpayers who have seen their wages stagnate have been forced to subsidize the pay of those who sit atop the largest businesses.

OXFAM BRIEFING PAPER                                                                                                                                        20 JANUARY 2014                                                                                                                                                         WORKING FOR THE FEW                                                                                                                                      Political capture and economic inequality

Economic inequality is rapidly increasing in the majority of countries. The wealth of the world is divided in two: almost half going to the richest one percent; the other half to the remaining 99 percent. The World Economic Forum has identified this as a major risk to human progress. Extreme economic inequality and political capture are too often interdependent. Left unchecked, political institutions become undermined and governments overwhelmingly serve the interests of economic elites to the detriment of ordinary people. Extreme inequality is not inevitable, and it can and must be reversed quickly.

… And We’re the Sheep

“The years 2008 through 2015 should be known as the Great Fleecing.” The greatest transfer of wealth in world history took place when more than $4.5 trillion dollars was given to Wall St. Banks through President Obama’s Quantitative Easing Program which solely benefited the top 1% with U.S. taxpayers picking up the tab. (From the N.Y. Post)





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