Free Enterprise: Broome County Style

By Dave Duncan

The Chamber of Commerce and the Press want the residents of Broome County to adhere strictly to the Free Enterprise System. This system believes that beneficial market activity is best encouraged by keeping the major capitalist free of government influence.  These people want a minimalist role played by the government in economic activities. Yet they also want the government, and the population that it represents, to put millions into the pockets of these same business people that do not want government interference.  Many people around the country are now referring to this system as “socialism for the rich”.

Another Project Where the Public Pays 

A Press article from Friday May20th describes plans for a private housing complex to be built in Johnson City. “The developer plans to fund the project using federal and state housing tax credits, historic tax credits and Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief funds.” Also in the article is the mention that the developer “also received about $1.3 million from the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council”. A 30 year local property tax break is also part of the package but details of this payment in lieu of taxes were not immediately available from the sponsor of this giveaway, the              Broome Industrial Development Agency.

Who Pays Your Share?

Those who lend support for these publically sponsored,   privately owned projects are also the same people who tell us that the people of this community cannot afford the local taxes.  What the people of this community cannot afford is this on- going give away of our tax  dollars to those who take our money but do not want to pay their fair share of taxes.  We suppose that this developer will want roads, sewer, water, police, fire protection, etc. How about having each project pay its rightful share so that the rest of us can also live?  If developers need public money then the public should own a rightful share of the business.




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