Media Attention to Candidate’s Kin

By Dave Duncan

The Press and the rest of the general media have given front page reports to the kin of Hillary Clinton who visited our area to drum up support for her candidacy.  Husband Bill interrupted his multi- million dollar speaking engagements to Wall St financiers and related banking groups, while daughter Chelsea took time out from her $250,000 a year job as director of the Clinton Foundation to come and tell us how good Hillary would be as president.

Another Candidates’ Kin in Town

What escaped the media’s scrutiny was the arrival at a gas station in Vestal of Chester A. Dumbfunkle the third cousin, twice removed, of then Republican presidential candidate, John Kasich. Once Chester arrived at the station, a line formed. While the line was for the men’s room, those in the line were able to get the cousin’s view on some family insights into the making of the then presidential candidate.

Mr. Dumbfunkle said, “I knew right away that young John was going to be a politician.  At age 8 he would sneak around to poor people’s houses at night to steal redeemable bottles and cans from their porches.  When he had three or four large plastic bags full he would put them into his little red wagon and take them across town and up the hill, to where the rich folk lived, and leave the redeemables on their porches.”

Just before Mr. Dumbfunkle stepped into the gents he shared another anecdote that had John printing up flyers with erroneous information about the location of Election Day polling stations which he distributed to homes in the working class community.

A Chance to Make Broome a Mecca for Tourists

When leaving, Chester said, “Your john and my cousin John are really great. My reception in Broome County was excellent, but if I motor through again, I’d like to stop at a place that has two stalls.” Maybe our county economic developers can work on providing a grant for this in time for the next round of elections. It sure would help develop  tourism.





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