By Ron Jones

And the news just keeps getting worse for American workers.  Mondelez (whoever the hell they are!) …  parent company of Nabisco Brands … announced recently it will close its largest U.S. bakery, situated on the south side of Chicago, and thus complete a second wave of “layoffs” on May 27th as it seeks cheap labor to make its famous Oreo cookies south of the border in Mexico.   Three hundred workers will be losing their jobs! 

Seems they can build a factory and make Oreos in Mexico and pay less taxes than the 7.5 % they paid last year in USA.  And … they only have to pay the Mexican worker $60 per week!  With long hours and, no benefits.  Bravo for the smart capitalist.  Screw the consumer of your cookies when they aren’t looking.

Is nothing sacred anymore?  The famed Oreo cookie being made in Mexico.  Oh dear, however will we get them?  …. especially after Donald builds his wall.    Lunch pails (bags) around the country will be vacuous now … maybe even empty of the important “double stuff.”   Perhaps workers can throw them over that wall when signaled that the guards are not looking on the American side.   Even if they crumble when thrown that’s okay … you can put ‘em in your ice cream … once they ship that over the border.  Oh dear, this is awful!

How can we get back at the company for doing this?  I know  … don’t buy them … yeah that’ll get ‘em!  The REVOLUTION starts now!  STOP EATING OREO COOKIES!!  It’s a matter of the FREE MARKET!  Yeah, ain’t capitalism great???????????  Not to worry about the workers … they can always find work sweeping up the crumbs.



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