Americans Know the Difference Between Democracy and Plutocracy

By Dave Duncan

Does the Election Season Make You Feel Like A “Gadjiate” of Trump University?

Talk to just about anyone, friend or stranger, and you will find them to be sick of the election process in this country. Americans are disgusted, tired and angry of being assaulted by the media that has been hawking the daily lies and foolish blathering coming from the mouths of the Democratic and Republican candidates for President and the lesser offices that are up for sale.  Most Americans realize that the two party system no longer represents them, no matter how it is being sold.  People want to reverse the long term economic decline and bring back economic equality.

Voting Records Show Americans Opting Out of the System

In the Jan.-Feb. edition of the People’s Press it was pointed out that less than 20% of the 18 and older citizens voted in the November 2015 election for the 52nd NYS Senate District seat. A deal had already been made between the Republicans and the Democrats as to the winner. Both candidates were hand-picked by party leaders and the Democrat/Working Family parties put up no money or organizational support for their candidate. The Fix Was In. The Republican received 13.8% and the Democrat received 4.2% of the votes of citizens in the district.

In the June 2016 Republican Primary for the 22nd District House of Representative seat, 13% of the registered Republicans voted.

A study by Professor Walter Dean Burnam from the University of Texas and Professor Thomas Ferguson from the University of Massachusetts examined the results of the national 2014 mid-term elections. Their findings show that voter turnout plunged to levels not seen since 1942 when many voters were moving around the world in the WWII effort. In NYS the 2014 mid-term elections, the percentage dipped to 30%, a figure not matched since 1798(!) when property suffrage laws disenfranchised 40% of the citizenry.

Democrats and Republicans Owned by the 1%

According to Burnham and Ferguson, Democrat candidates were almost as dependent on big money contributions as Republicans.  The Democratic Party, which previously appealed to working class Americans is now dominated by Wall St. and Silicon Valley. Both parties are heavily financed by the financial sector. The “same sector throws the cost of their mistakes on taxpayers, demands all sort of subsidies as they finance campaigns for big budget cuts and against taxes.”

Plutocracy is government by the richest people.

Democracy is an organization in which everybody is treated equally and has equal  rights.

Americans know the difference and are refusing to give support to a voting system that does not belong to them.





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