Duck! Elections Coming to Broome County

By Dave Duncan

The Situation Faced By Most Residents

The population of the county has continued to decline over the past four years. Poverty has continued to rise.  The County Executive constantly attacks the Welfare program for the poor. The number of jobs continues its steady decline. The unemployment rate has fallen because many unemployed have stopped looking or moved away. Small businesses continue to fail.  Many people who would like to leave cannot because the value of their home is nil.  Working class renters cannot compete with students in subsidized housing for the decent apartments that are available.  People cannot afford the taxes on their homes. Welfare for the wealthy corporations is loved by the county executive and the legislature. Corporations are given property tax breaks by the public officials without even creating jobs. The major tax income for Broome County comes from the sales tax that hits lower income people the hardest. The county executive and legislature have privatized out the jobs of long term, loyal county employees.


Scary election rhetoric is upon us. Those asking to be returned to office are putting out campaign literature telling the population how much good they have done for us and how they are going to do more.  Material from the County Executive tells us how, under her leadership, we have turned the corner.  Exactly what corner is not mentioned. “We have made great strides” she says.   Other current office holders will be giving us the same story. It makes one wonder if the devil tells the same uplifting stories in hell.  You can tell the current office holders because their tongues are the same color as the rich developer’s boots.

Those new people seeking office will be telling us about job creation programs, more efficient government, lower taxes, etc. They just will not tell us specifics. So when the lawn campaign signs start competing in numbers with the home for sale signs (price reduced), smile, because you are getting hustled, and you know it.





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