Each Family to Pay $2 a Month More on Their Electric Bill


The cost of the largest corporate bailout in the history of NYS, $6.4 billion, will soon find its way to your monthly electric bill, if      Governor Cuomo has his way. Businesses will also pay more. The    billions in subsidies will go to the Exelon Corp. that owns the nuclear Nine Mile Point plant in Oswego County, the Gema plant east of  Rochester and has a buyout deal pending to purchase the Fitzpatrick plant on the shore of Lake Ontario.                                                                                                                                                                           This $2 monthly addition is not for one month or one year, it could be forever. This $2 is in addition to any rate increases that NYSEG may make to your monthly bill.  Environmentalist have raised serious questions concerning putting billions into aging, dangerous nuclear plants.                                                                                                                        Capitalism and its control over our government is not in the public’s best interest. It is not the job of the public to bailout or insure the profits of private corporations.  Politicians at all government levels constantly put the public on the hook by giving subsidies,  including direct grants and tax breaks  to private companies that pocket the profits.  If public financial aid in any form is given to a business, the public must take some part of the ownership of that business. If there is a profit, the public gets a portion as a payback for the  subsidy.




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